AuthorRogier Maaten

Rogier Maaten was the 2003 Dutch National Champion, a member of the 2004 Dutch National Team, finished 2nd at Grand Prix: Eindhoven, 6th with his team Chicken Ranch at Pro Tour: Atlanta, at 13th at Pro Tour: London.

Heartbeat Updated

Today, Rogier brings us a comprehensive article describing the thought-process behind Heartbeat in Coldsnap Standard. This combo deck is one of the trickier weapons in the current metagame, but Rogier peels away the layers of mystery surrounding the shaping of the perfect combo kill. His new build is surprising, but the advice he offers is unmissable. Still blinded by combo madness? Rogier is here to help.

The Road to Regionals – Azorius Control, Izzet Control, and Firemane Angel

Magic the Gathering Regionals!

In the second of today’s Premium “Road to Regionals” articles, Rogier takes a look at a number of controlling archetypes, each constructed for the Regionals metagame. He outlines the neccessary tools needed for a control deck to succeed in an unknown metagame, and provides three decklists for our examination. If you like to be in control, these may be the decks for you.

Fundamentals: the Mulligan

The first real decision in any Magic game, after you chose whether to play or draw, is whether or not you should take a mulligan. Over the years there have been quite a few articles on the internet about taking mulligans, yet I still believe it deserves much more attention. I think that most Magic players have the habit of keeping bad or dangerous hands while they should be mulliganning instead. Every now and then someone writes, “This hand was pretty bad, but it contained lands and spells so I had to keep” or “This is a hand that you cannot mulligan, but you won’t win the game with it either”. These are very bad statements; it indicates that players are way too afraid to take a mulligan. It’s time to stop being afraid and become a better player.

A Trio of Tournament Reports

Rogier returns from trekking around the world and then back to The Netherlands, all for the sake of Magic and Hilary Duff. How did he and his Dutch teammates prepare for the summer Grand Prix schedule and what do they have to show for it? The answers are inside.

White/Black Spirits in CBS Draft

Today StarCityGames.com welcomes yet another new writer to the family, this time in the form of former Dutch National champion Rogier Maaten. Rogier’s first article deconstructs the Black/White spirit deck in full Kamigawa Block Draft. Back in CCB, this was one of the best archetypes around, but can it still perform with a new set added to the mix? What do you have to do now in order to win with this deck, and what does the pick order for Saviors look like? Enquiring minds want to know!