AuthorRiki Hayashi

Riki Hayashi is a well-known Level 3 Judge who's been judging since 2005; he started Judgecast and has a large body of articles that he's written for multiple websites. He is the acting Northwest US Regional Coordinator.

Circular Logic With Theros Gods

Riki looks at the rules oddities that Gods bring, thanks to overlapping (and seemingly contradictory, in their specific case) rules that govern what card types they count as when. He also sheds light on some odd facts about new high-caliber tournament staples.

The Health Of Magic

Riki reminds us that it is Survival of the Fittest out there, and that the time to think about how you’re going to win the Pro Tour in ten years starts today. What misplays do we make after the tournament, at the drive-thru window?

This Is Theros!

Level 3 Judge Riki Hayashi explains some of the confusing rules about Theros, including bestow and the Gods. Leave your questions for him in the comments!

Don’t Be That Judge

Riki provides some anecdotes about simple errors made in tournaments that will hopefully help you avoid them whether you’re a judge or a player.

Desecration Demonology

Riki takes a look at the Desecration Demon situation that came up at the World Magic Cup and provides some clarification about what happened and why.

The Art Of (Keeping) Score

Northwest US Regional Coordinator Riki Hayashi gives you some insight into a part of running a Magic tournament that doesn’t get much press: scorekeeping.

Your Fate Is (Team) Sealed

Prepare to play in StarCityGames.com’s first Team Sealed Open in Somerset, New Jersey this Sunday with Riki Hayashi’s primer on the most unique and fun format.

Trigger Me This

Well-known Level 3 Judge Riki Hayashi explains the latest changes to the Missed Trigger policy and why he wholeheartedly approves of them.

The Riki Rules – Welcome to Your First Pro Tour

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Monday, February 16th – Once in a while, I get a message that catches my attention. This one was from Lucas Siow, a local PTQ winner and first time PT competitor. Going into his first PT, Lucas wanted to know about the differences between a PTQ and a PT. What are the differences in playing Magic at a Professional REL event?

The Riki Rules – Two Scoops and a Sprinkle of Conflux

Read Riki Hayashi every week... at StarCityGames.com!
Monday, February 9th – Two weeks ago we dealt with two DQ stories. The second one detailed a so-called “fake scoop,” one player intentionally misleading his opponent into thinking he was scooping to “force a concession.” Obviously, this is a fairly scumbag maneuver. If you do stuff like this, stop it. If someone tries to do something like this to you, call a Judge.