AuthorPossibility Storm

Possibility Storm is the Magic puzzle game that asks the one question every Magic player is dying to know: Can you win this turn?

The Toughest Of The Tough!

It’s the stocking stuffer that will make you think! As a special treat, the crew at Possibility Storm went through all their data and found that this was the toughest puzzle all year long! Are you good enough at Magic to solve it?

Becoming An Ultimate Master!

With the newest Draft set getting headlines for being loaded with powerful and iconic Magic cards, the Possibility Storm crew thought you could use some practice in navigating tough gamestates! So here’s your first one, and it is BRUTAL. Good luck!

Large Amounts Of Damage!

It’s a brand new Possibility Storm special! This isn’t about winning and losing, at least in the traditional sense! Tell us: How much damage can you with this gamestate? Best of luck, damage dealers!

The Beat The Angels Angle!

Guilds of Ravnica season on Possibility Storm is coming to a close! But before we talk our champion and the prize, let’s go to work on a super hard new challenge! Can you find a way through all these Angels and Merfolk?

Turning The Gravetide

Can you navigate your way out of this complex gamestate? Prove your merit as a player (or judge) by figuring out the latest Possibility Storm puzzle!

Insane In The Midgame

Would you ever expect that you could win the game in the here and now with this gamestate? Not only is it possible but figuring it out could get you onto the leaderboard! Test your Magic IQ here!

Tokens, Tokens Everywhere

Between the blue Bird Illusions, white Angels, and red Elementals, you’re staring down one busy battlefield! Can you power through this week’s puzzle?

Are You A Mythic Master?

The new Possibility Storm puzzles isn’t just chock full of mythic rares–it’s also the extremely hard mythic difficulty! If you want to put your name onto the leaderboard with the best, you’ll have to work for it!

Beat The Bombs!

The race to the top of the Possibility Storm leaderboard is really heating up! Can you beat the competition by solving this one? Best of luck, mind mages!

Killers Versus Fillers

Think you’ve got a great Magic brain? Feel like you see lines when no one else does? This is your chance to prove it! But this is not going to be easy; you’ve been warned!

Runaway Steam-Win!

With all the great creatures and spells in Guilds of Ravnica, it’s been fun and easy for Possibility Storm to come up with wild interactions and game states! See if you can solve this one!

Overgrown Undergrowth!

The new season of Possibility Storm is arriving! Get in on the ground floor and prove you have one of the best analytical minds in Magic here!

Guilds Of Ravnica Puzzle Preview!

In case anyone is thinking they’ll have trouble doing Possibility Storm puzzles with Guilds of Ravnica, here’s a little something to help you get started! Thanks to Wizards of the Coast and Possibility Storm for this one!