The Beat The Angels Angle!

Guilds of Ravnica season on Possibility Storm is coming to a close! But before we talk our champion and the prize, let’s go to work on a super hard new challenge! Can you find a way through all these Angels and Merfolk?

(click image for fullscreen)

Congratulations to Matthew Williams for winning the Guilds of Ravnica season! He’ll be taking home a booster box of Ravnica Allegiance for his outstanding performance!

Stay tuned in January for the opening of the Ravnica Allegiance season.

# Player Points # Player Points
1 Matthew Williams 11 5 Josh Oratz 9.9
2 Justin Francis 10.7 6 Will Jennings-Hess 9.6
3 Allen Smith 10.2 7 Christian John Hazlett 9.4
4 Tyler Marklyn 10 8 Marcelo Cruzalegui 9.2

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