Large Amounts Of Damage!

It’s a brand new Possibility Storm special! This isn’t about winning and losing, at least in the traditional sense! Tell us: How much damage can you with this gamestate? Best of luck, damage dealers!

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We’ve got a bonus prize opportunity this week with a new max damage puzzle
that’s a little twist on one of last season’s most popular challenges.
Recognize this board state? Well we’ve made a few tweaks, including giving
you access to unlimited mana. How much nonsense can you get up to with

Everyone who finds the highest total will be entered into a draw for a copy
of the Explorers of Ixalan board game. (Don’t care for the game? It still
has some sweet singles inside worth $50 or so, so give it a shot!)

Entries will be accepted until Wednesday, December 12 at midnight PT. We’ll
post the best solution the morning after!

Enter your solution here!