AuthorPierre DuPont

Pierre is a freelance translator and avid gamer living in Ottawa, Canada. He has been playing Magic since Legends and is far more interested in the social and creative aspects of the game than with competition. He harbors a deep resentment of Blue and isn't that crazy about Green, either. He can often be found casting Dark Ritual, Phyrexian Negator - then laughing maniacally. "If they reprinted Sinkhole, I'd be a very happy man."

Kamigawa in Online Prismatic

Greetings to everyone in the land of Magic Online. While StarCityGames.com has done an excellent job of posting informative pieces on Kamigawa, be it for Limited or individual card analysis, few have touched on its impact on Magic Online casual formats. Since Champions of Kamigawa (CHK) is now available online, it merits examining.

The Flanker’s Guide to Online Emperor

An emperor can have the best deck, with all the appropriate cards, but he will be hard-pressed to win if his flankers have divergent strategies to the ones required to improve team play. In short, a flanker’s role is to give the Emperor more resources (called”love” in game parlance) so he can, in turn, grant his flankers more lands and so on.

Magic For the Criminally Insane – Iron Man 2003

Many of you may be unfamiliar with Iron Man (I plan on explaining our group’s specific rules later on), so I will expose the basics here. Essentially, if a card leaves the play area for any reason, it gets ripped (or destroyed in a creative fashion). While many find this objectionable, everyone I know has a ton of commons from expansions they don’t need, so they can usually begrudgingly admit that getting rid of them in this fashion is, at least, plausible.

As with any format, however, there will be those that try and make an impression while playing, by getting rid of foils, foreign black-bordered cards, APAC lands, and even Power 9. I must admit I am one of these people.

Magic: 2002 In Review

Let’s discuss the dearly departed and the new arrivals of Magic, and see what happened. What were the issues that pushed your hot buttons in 2002?

The Iron Man Cometh

So Pierre’s making a deck for multiplayer; not so unusual. But when you’re building a deck where every card that leaves play or is put into the graveyard is shredded beyond repair, you need a different strategy. You need… STYLE.

How Rizzo Friggin’ Changed My Life

Rizzo should have been a flash in the pan – a freak of nature dismissed among the serious players out there who are”names.” But he has become – like it or not – the conscience and soul of Magic. How?

Why Wizards Are Chowderheads, And What YOU Can Do About It

Magic Online is the newest hot topic – but before I continue, a short refresher on the subject. A few months ago, Wizards announced it was going to release a new platform to play Magic: the Gathering. This platform is Magic Online, an Internet-based and used program that would allow you to play against anyone…

Deal Them Now, More Than Ever

Magic, and inadequate and inappropriate as it is to bring up a card game when America mourns, may be one of the few things we have left to keep our sanity alive.