AuthorRecurring Insight

Curious about Magic: The Gathering's best and worst card designs and why? Patrick Sullivan shares his thoughts as only he can on some of MTG's most iconic cards.

Recurring Insight: City Of Brass

The Arabian Nights MTG set introduced a powerful new land that could tap for any color of mana…for a price. Patrick Sullivan explores the history and design of City of Brass.

Recurring Insight: Vindicate

Invasion block was full of gold MTG cards, but one from Apocalypse stood out from the crowd. Patrick Sullivan looks back at the simple yet stunning Vindicate.

Recurring Insight: Boros Charm

Two mana, three options, four damage. Patrick Sullivan breaks down the card that puts the Boros in Modern MTG’s Boros Burn: the one and only Boros Charm.

Recurring Insight: Mutavault

Creature-lands add a ton of depth to Magic, but which one earned PSulli’s highest marks? Patrick Sullivan analyzes the history and MTG Design behind the best-designed creature-land of all time — Mutavault.

Recurring Insight: Parallax Wave

Remember fading? Patrick Sullivan analyzes the history and MTG design of a card designed to have drawbacks but instead became a flexible catch-all — Parallax Wave.

Recurring Insight: Restoration Angel

Blink effects may be optimal at one mana, but is that really the best way to design them? Patrick Sullivan analyzes the history and MTG Design behind the ideal blink creature — Restoration Angel.