AuthorPale Mage

Pale is often described by those who know him as "quiet" and "a loner". Shortly after college he gave up RPGs and wargames. He spent the next nine years game-free. This proved long enough to marry and start a family. Finally caving under the pressure of adult life, Pale fell (jumped) off the wagon and took up Magic.

The Messenger Must Die: Sifting Through The Cold, Hard Standard Statistics

Since I am supposing that Legions is not a major influence over the Standard metagame, I can look at results from large Standard tournaments from before its release and include them in my tracking. I have a boatload of data to look through to find the strongest deck; the deck most likely to land me a qualifying finish in the Regional tournament. What have I discovered with looks at the Top 8s from States and the National Qualifiers?

Alan Webster Used Me Like A Tool

“So you’re pretty much betting the farm on the fliers, huh?”
“That and Kamahl, Fist of Krosa.”
“I’m not sure I would be comfortable with that plan, dude.”
“In this environment? I’m not. But we’re playing in a very old building, and there is always the possibility of roof collapse of some other disaster taking out half the field before the end of Day One.”
“So, you’re an act of God away from making Day Two?”

As God Is My Witness, I Will Never Suck Again

“For awhile, my game was getting progressively better. I was playing at a higher and higher level. Anyway, I’ve been noticing I’ve hit this plateau lately, so I was trying to figure out why I can’t get off of it. I want to know why I’m stuck.”
“Okay. I’m starting to feel like your therapist now.”
“Freudian – and I’m a little creeped out by it. What have you come up with?”

Simple Block, Simple Deck, Complex Conversation

“All I did was come in unannounced. It’s not my fault you procrastinate and refuse to playtest.”
“Procrastinate? Refuse to playtest? How dare you, sir! I’ll have you know I’ve been playing the same monogreen deck for nearly two months!”
“You are a liar and a cad, sir! I challenge you to produce a decklist that smashes black.”
“Gladly. Behold!”

From Shoddy To Janky: A Tale, Constructed

“I’ve played a similar number of matches in each format. I’m showing improvement in one, but not in the other. Why?”
“Don’t look at me, dude.”
“I didn’t know either. So I started thinking about the games, looking for differences between my Limited and Constructed matches…”

My Limited Experience

“You’re smart, though. You learn fast. How hard could attending your first tournament three days after you learned to play be?” “That brings me to my problem, Jack.” “What’s that?””It turns out I suck.”