AuthorOsyp Lebedowicz

Osyp is one of Magic's most entertaining personalities and consistently strong players. In addition to winning Grand Prix Orlando and Pro Tour Venice, Osyp finished 7th at Pro Tour Osaka, 2nd at Grand Prix Washington DC, 10th at Pro Tour Columbus, 5th at Grand Prix Boston, and 5th at Pro Tour Honolulu.

The Return of Ask Joe Black

You’ve been on the Pro Tour for some time now and it seems like you are friends with a majority of the pros. I was just curious if you ever get intimidated when playing against someone?

The Return of Ask Joe Black – 09/13/2004

I was just wondering how various pros handle losing? I heard a story that noted Pro Tour tree stump Eric Froehlich once ate an entire jar of peanut butter after losing a draft on Magic Online. Is that a typical reaction pros have to losing, or do they take it in stride?

The Return of Ask Joe Black

I heard that Kai Budde recently stayed at your place the week before Worlds to test with you and Team Togit. How was it, testing with the best player in the world?

The Black Perspective: Go On Brush Your Shoulders Off – GP Orlando *1st*

If you are looking for the real scoop on Block Constructed, look no further than Block Pro Tour and Grand Prix winner Osyp Lebedowicz. In his latest masterpiece, Osyp tells you how he won Grand Prix: Orlando, explains why Affinity is still the best deck in the format and includes a complete sideboard for his deck, and shares the usual embarassing anecdotes about Brian Kibler.

The Black Perspective: US Nationals Report *11th*

With Nationals behind us, Skullclamp now joins the ranks of attractive women and people of average body weight as things you won’t be playing against at a Magic tournament. A few weeks ago Wizards decided to ban everyone’s favorite piece of equipment and issued this formal apology . . .

The Black Perspective: A New Dawn

The Magic Invitational is most often described as Magic’s All-Star game, and this year would prove to be no different. Fifteen of Magic’s best players, and Berkowitz, gathered in Los Angeles to fight for the right to design their own card. The E3 Convention proved to be the best back drop for this event, because I never had such a good time at a tournament before.

The Black Perspective: Shenanigans in our Nation’s Capital *2nd*

A friend of mine convinced me to go out on a blind date a little while back. The girl turned out to be an ex-girlfriend who was still upset about the fact that I dated her sister for a little while shortly after we split up. I was cursed at for a while then I had a cup of Mountain Dew thrown at me (in the middle of the student center mind you). Despite all of that, I can still say that prior to GP: D.C., that experience still ranks higher than all previous team events I’ve played in.

The Black Perspective: Working Towards Regionals

It’s been almost a year in the making folks, but Joe Black is finally here. At long last, the man who many consider the funniest Magic writer around has joined StarCityGames.com! Readers will Thrill! at Osyp’s harrowing tale of how he became”The Beefmaster.” Audiences will Chill! (and eat a donut) as Osyp recounts all the tawdry details of Mike Turian’s Bachelor Party. Magic players will Laugh! all the way to the bank as Osyp debunks popular metagame myths and recounts etiquette faux pas in other countries. This is one Featured Writer debut that simply cannot be missed!