AuthorOndrej Strasky

With two Pro Tour top 8s and four Grand Prix top 8s, Ondrej Strasky is one of the most talented young players in the game. Despite his age, he has worked with one of the best testing teams in the world in the past, so he's had a plenty of experience learning from the best. After a couple of poor seasons on the Pro Tour, he's trying to use that knowledge to reestablish himself as one of the best young players Magic has ever seen.

The Complete Guide To Bant Spirits

Ondrej is one of the first and foremost fans of Bant Spirits! He picked the right strategy, as it suddenly finds itself as the best Modern deck of its kind! Read up on how to haunt your next top 8 right!

Everything To Know About Spirits In Modern

Join the newest craze in Modern: Spirits! This new tribal deck is being tested in gauntlets everywhere, and it is certainly the real deal! So how do you sideboard and pilot it? One of the youngest pros in the world joins us from the Czech Republic to explain!