AuthorMox Insights

Mox Insights is a group of Magic players who joined together to help encourage data-driven decision-making in Magic players and help players make better, more informed decisions when choosing and tuning decks. They hope to elevate the Magic community's discourse and each Constructed format's metagame with their data.

SCG Atlanta By The Numbers

Why did Death’s Shadow rise to the top of the Modern heap at SCG Atlanta? Get your Mox Insights for the event to help you prepare for the Season Two Invitational!

SCG Indianapolis By The Numbers

How does Modern look in the wake of the Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis and Faithless Looting bannings? Let Mox Insights show you the way with stats and analysis, just in time for SCG Regionals!

SCG Syracuse By The Numbers

SCG Syracuse served as a sort of power test for Modern Horizons cards in Legacy, and for Mox Insights, they certainly didn’t disappoint! Get the matrix, the scatterplot, and all the details of the format’s new essential matchups!

SCG Dallas By The Numbers

After Modern’s big shake-up and the early results from SCG Dallas, who should arrive on the scene but Mox Insights? Get the matrix, the scatterplot, and all the details of the format’s new essential matchups!

SCG Worcester By The Numbers

It’s time to break down the numbers from SCG Worcester! Mox Insights delivers the graphs and plots that make the trends from Standard’s first big event easy to see!

SCG Louisville By The Numbers

SCG Louisville was the last stop on the SCG Tour before the Invitational at SCG CON! What did Mox Insights discover after running the numbers? Get your matrix and scatterplot right here!

SCG Syracuse By The Numbers

Now on Select! Mox Insights serves up the essential data from SCG Syracuse. What decks came out on top in the tournament? Who innovated, and who fell behind?

SCG Richmond By The Numbers

How did Simic Nexus really perform at SCG Richmond, and what was the best deck in retrospect? More importantly, what’s well-positioned for SCG Syracuse? Get all you need to know from Mox Insights!

Just How Good Is Surgical Extraction In Modern?

The unprecedented release of data from Mythic Championship London allowed Mox Insights to explore some deep questions! For example, Surgical Extraction turned out to be the most-played nonbasic card, but how much good did it do?

SCG Cleveland By The Numbers

Mox Insights looks back at SCG Cleveland and the Modern metagame before raising an interesting question about whether Izzet Phoenix is really a problem!