AuthorMax McCall

Max McCall is a grinder from Seattle who writes primarily about Constructed. His attention is split equally between Legacy and whatever format the upcoming PTQs are. He finished fourth at GP Seattle 2005.

Feature Article – On Zendikar Limited

StarCityGames.com Open Series: Indianapolis on March 13-14
Thursday, March 4th – Considering both the advent of online Worldwake Release Events with the issues raised concerning Zendikar Limited by the end of the San Diego PTQ season, it seems like a good time to evaluate Zendikar Sealed and see how Worldwake impacts the format.

Silvestri Scepter Praxis – PTQ Report *1st*

Max McCall likes to Chant. Repeatedly. Last weekend he had an opportunity to Chant his way to Honolulu, and he made the best of it, with Josh Silvestri’s version of Scepter-Chant. What went right? Where did theory fail him? Read on for answers about one of the top decks in the new Extended.