AuthorMax McCall

Max McCall is a grinder from Seattle who writes primarily about Constructed. His attention is split equally between Legacy and whatever format the upcoming PTQs are. He finished fourth at GP Seattle 2005.

That Deck Is Bad And You Should Feel Bad

Thursday, December 30th – Max McCall rips the current Extended deck choices to shreds, telling you why each popular archetype is terrible! Want to see deck weaknesses? Step on up!

Just Go F***ing Kill Him!

Monday, December 27th – If you just play Phyrexian Dreadnought on turn 2, Survival is pretty dead on turn 4. And if you lose the roll, you aren’t tapped out on turn 1, so you can Spell Snare? Don’t worry – just go kill them!

Ideas Unbound – Survival Doesn’t Need to Be Banned

Thursday, November 18th – Max presents the evidence: Survival doesn’t need to be banned! Make sure you’re not running ineffective sideboard cards; Max tells you which ones you should be using for the upcoming SCG Open in Richmond.

Battle Royale Report – Poisoned!

Friday, November 5th – For a long time, this was a Standard deck that cost $5, had solid matchups against Mono-Green Ramp and U/W, and boasted turn 3 kills. Then I added Adventuring Gear which led to fetchlands, and then it got expensive.