AuthorManuel Bucher

Manuel Bucher is a Swiss pro with four Grand Prix Top 8s to his name, including a win at Grand Prix: Zurich. He's a member of the 2007 Team World Champions, and his deck designs are respected at the highest level of the game.

Positive EV – Master Jund Revisited

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Monday, April 12th – At Grand Prix: Brussels, Manuel Bucher played his Master Jund list, and narrowly missed out on Day 2 play. Today, he tales us through the matches, the sideboarding, and the changes he’d make in the current climate. With the Standard format set to change in a few weeks with the introduction of Rise of the Eldrazi, will Jund still be the top dog?

Positive EV – Master Jund in Standard

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Tuesday, March 23rd – Grand Prix: Brussels is this weekend, and Manuel Bucher has been pounding people with his Jund in preparation! Packing a full complement of Master of the Wild Hunt, will Manu’s deck be the Last Jund Standing come Sunday evening? Read on to find out!

Positive EV – Playing Jund in San Diego

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Friday, March 12th – The more Standard changes, the more it stays the same. With the StarCityGames.com Standard Open in Indianapolis this coming Saturday, the world is poised to see how many Jund decks make the Top 8. Manuel Bucher played Jund at Pro Tour: San Diego, and today he takes us through his tournament games and sideboarding strategies.

Positive EV – Open the Vaults versus Jund: The Jund Perspective

StarCityGames.com Open Series: Indianapolis on March 13-14
Friday, March 5th – Earlier this week, Antoine Ruel picked up the innovative Open the Vaults Standard deck and threw it against Manuel Bucher’s Jund. Today, Manu shares his thoughts on the matchup from the Jund perspective, telling us exactly when to cast those oh so tempting Blightnings…

Positive EV – Tezzerator Versus Zoo: The Zoo Perspective

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Friday, February 26th – Earlier this week, Antoine Ruel threw the U/W Tezzerator deck at Manuel Bucher’s popular Tribal Zoo variant. Today, Manu provides detailed information from the Zoo side of the table. If you’re looking to claim a blue envelope in the coming weeks, this is the series for you!

Positive EV – Extended Hurterator

SCG Open Richmond!

Wednesday, February 17th – Extended is proving to be a fresh hunting ground for innovative deck design. It seems there’s space for people with a plan, and the Hurterator deck, designed by Tobias Henke, certainly has that. Manuel Bucher throws the new deck through a collection of queues on Magic Online, recording the play-by-play results.

Positive EV – Thopter Depths Versus Domain Zoo: The Domain Zoo Perspective

Grand Prix: Oakland!

Thursday, February 11th – Yesterday, Antoine Ruel brought us the Thopter Depths perspective on the Extended battle with Domain Zoo. Today, it’s Manuel Bucher’s turn to set the record straight on behalf of the dedicated aggro menagerie. With Zoo a main player in the format, and Thopter Depths the deck to beat, this article is great preparation for GP: Oakland!

Positive EV – Extended Bant in the Online Queues

Grand Prix: Oakland!

Friday, February 5th – Manuel Bucher takes up his 6-0 Extended deck from Worlds, makes a few changes, and throws it against all comers in the MTGO Constructed queues! Does it still prove to be a contender in this combo-heavy metagame? Read on to find out!

Positive EV – Choosing the Correct Deck for Playtesting

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Wednesday, January 13th – Choosing the correct deck for testing purposes can be almost as important as choosing the correct deck for an approaching tournament. Perceived wisdom says that the Best Deck in the format is usually the correct choice… but when do you choose to test the deck that beats such a deck?

Positive EV – Five-Color Creatures in Standard

The StarCityGames.com Open Series returns to Dallas/Fort Worth!
Wednesday, January 6th – With the StarCityGames.com Dallas / Fort Worth Open weekend mere days away, Manuel Bucher has something different for Standard: Five-Color Creatures! Utilizing the strongest guys in the format, is this latest brew strong enough to take home the prize this weekend? Read on to find out!

Positive EV – Lessons From 2009

StarCityGames.com 10K Open - Los Angeles

Wednesday, December 30th – For his final article of 2009, Manuel Bucher reflects on the highs and lows of the Magical year, including the M10 Rules Changes, his tips for testing, and the lessons he’s learned about the game along the way.