AuthorManuel Bucher

Manuel Bucher is a Swiss pro with four Grand Prix Top 8s to his name, including a win at Grand Prix: Zurich. He's a member of the 2007 Team World Champions, and his deck designs are respected at the highest level of the game.

Feature Article – Elves in Extended

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Friday, January 2nd – While Pro Tour: Berlin taught us to fear the tricksy Elves, Worlds served to blind us from their powerful siren song. Berlin saw Elves everywhere… Memphis saw them replaced by Faeries. Today, Manuel Bucher brings us the lowdown on his own brand of the Elvish menace, with strategic debates and sideboarding plans. Enjoy!

Feature Article – The Mental Game, Plus A Deck For Standard

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Tuesday, December 2nd – It’s no secret that Magic is much more than a mere mathematical game. While a basis in the logic and science behind the game is of paramount importance, the very best players have intangible mental skills that catapult them to success. Manuel Bucher takes a look at some of the fundamental aspects of the mental game, and presents an intriguing rogue deck for the upcoming StarCityGames.com $5000 Standard Open…

Feature Article – Testing For Rimini: How To Test For Success

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Friday, September 19th – In today’s Feature Article, Manuel Bucher – Constructed Control specialist and team-mate of Patrick Chapin – takes us through the seven most important factors needed for a successful testing session. He also gives us his take on the Grand Prix: Rimini experience, and looks at three Shards of Alara cards that are particularly exciting…

Feature Article – Kelpie in Block and Merfolk in Standard

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Thursday, September 4th – Manuel Bucher returns to StarCityGames.com to bring us his take on River Kelpie in block Constructed, just in time for this weekend’s 5k event in Boxborough. And if that’s not enough, Grand Prix: Copenhagen Top 8 competitor (and Italian National Champion) William Cavaglieri brings us the lowdown on his Standard UG Merfolk deck!

Feature Article – Quick n’ Toast in the New Standard Metagame

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Thursday, August 14th – In his first article for StarCityGames.com, Switzerland’s Manuel Bucher takes us through the most recent developments in his innovative Quick n’ Toast Standard decklist. With the recent Weekend of Champions proving that Red Decks Rule All, can Manuel bring joy into the lives of Control mages worldwide? Read on to find out!