AuthorLevi Byrne

Levi Byrne joined the game with the release of Worldwake and learned Magic playing Commander. It remains his favorite format despite recent forays into Legacy and Modern. He enjoys playing with cards any sane player would consider garbage, and he writes Urban Fantasy novels in his spare time.

Dear Azami: Rise Of The Black Rose

Competitive formats aren’t the only place you can control the game! The Commander Celebration at Grand Prix Atlanta promises to have plenty of control decks, and it’s a safe bet that a few of them will be led by this fan favorite!

Dear Azami: Release The Kittens

Need some inspiration for your Grand Prix Atlanta Commander Celebration? Dear Azami is here to help! Check out the latest cat-infested brew tweaked and optimized by Levi Byrne!

Dear Azami: Playing An Honest Memnarch

Memnarch is a bad word at most Commander tables. So how do we battle with the big metal menace without ruining everyone’s fun? Guest author Levi Byrne shows you exactly how in this terrific new Dear Azami!