AuthorLevi Byrne

Levi Byrne joined the game with the release of Worldwake and learned Magic playing Commander. It remains his favorite format despite recent forays into Legacy and Modern. He enjoys playing with cards any sane player would consider garbage, and he writes Urban Fantasy novels in his spare time.

Dear Azami: Broken Glass And Vials Smashed

It’s possible the next dedicated Commander product will be on shelves before we even make a dent in all the amazing interactions the last one gave us! Levi Byrne helps a reader smash vials left and right in the penultimate Dear Azami!

Dear Azami: Partners In Tempo

Levi Byrne tackles a tempo-loving Jeskai Partner list with Ishai, Ojutai Dragonspeaker and Kraum, Ludevic’s Opus and shows how changing just a few cards can transform a Commander deck!

Dear Azami: The Four-Color Era

We’ve wanted it for years, and now we have it! Join Dear Azami as we begin crafting four-color Commander decks and celebrate the format’s future!

Dear Azami: Countering To 21

Every once in a while, it takes a fresh set of eyes to unlock a Commander list’s potential! This week, Levi Byrne gives a reader’s Skullbriar, the Walking Grave deck +1/+1 and then some!

Dear Azami: Rage Against The Machine

Kaladesh has some of the most interesting and challenging legends Commander has seen in some time! Dear Azami answers the call for one reader this week with a new list!

Dear Azami: Your Deck Is Mine!

We’ve got a lot of new legends in Kaladesh, and this one is way too underrated so far! Levi Byrne is ready to give you and one of his reader’s the amazing decklist you so deserve!

Dear Azami: Halfway To Everywhere

Half of Commander’s fun is in the games, but the other half is the deckbuilding! Levi Byrne is working with a building restriction that we can’t believe no one has worked with before!

Dear Azami: Hail To The Queen

The Black Rose is now the Queen, and you’d best respect her! Don’t be surprised if Levi’s new take on Conspiracy: Take the Crown’s hottest legend is a royal pain in your next Commander pod!

Dear Azami: Fallen Stars

It looks like Eldritch Moon has invaded Dear Azami! See Levi Byrne’s complete re-work of an instant (and angelic) Commander favorite!

Dear Azami: Sibling Rivalry

Innistrad is home to a lot of memorable characters, but there may not be anyone more beloved at this point than the undead-obsessed brother and sister Levi Byrne is working with in this week’s Dear Azami!

Dear Azami: Under The Hunter’s Moon

Eldritch Moon didn’t just shake up Constructed competitive formats; it also gave us a lot of legends for tribes we’ve wanted for a long time! Levi returns to Dear Azami to talk Werewolves and full moons! Tell your next Commander pod to beware!

Dear Azami: Doran Doran

When Commander players look to change their ways, the transition can be painful. In this week’s Dear Azami, Levi Byrne steps in to shape a deck fueled by the power of Doran, the Siege Tower…and Umbral Mantle?!

Dear Azami: Oona, Queen of the…Eldrazi?!

Oona, Queen of the Fae means a broken Commander experience, right? Not necessarily! Levi Byrne helps a Dear Azami reader make the Faerie Wizard fun with the often-overlooked power of Eldrazi Processors!

Dear Azami: The Warehouse Of Death

As far as creative themes and restrictions go, this week’s reader is the best Dear Azami has seen in some time! Creative problem-solving is one of the joys of Commander deck construction, and Dear Azami is here to help!