AuthorLevi Byrne

Levi Byrne joined the game with the release of Worldwake and learned Magic playing Commander. It remains his favorite format despite recent forays into Legacy and Modern. He enjoys playing with cards any sane player would consider garbage, and he writes Urban Fantasy novels in his spare time.

Dear Azami: Don’t Think

Tired of the same old stuff in Commander? Bored of working on Animar, Rafiq, and Zur decks? Levi Byrne is flexing his creative muscle with this week’s reader and their seldom seen leader!

Dear Azami: Spin The Wheel!

Random elements are some of the most fun you can have in Commander. So what sort of random Commander mastery does Dear Azami have in store this week? Check out the brew Levi has assembled that will put a “random” monster onto the battlefield to devour your enemies!

Dear Azami: We’ve Got Spirit, How Bout You?

If you’re from the old school, if you’re from the days where kitchen tables were the only place to battle, this Commander piece goes out to you! Levi Byrne helps a reader put one of the oldest legends in the book at the head of the fight!

Dear Azami: The Frog Splash

Want to get your Gitrog Monster game on? Need some advice on how to abuse the ever-loving daylights out of it? Dear Azami is ready to advise!

Dear Azami: Lunarch Ascension

Odric’s return to the Commander scene is already a hit! The legend makes a lot of his supporting cast more fun and interesting, and Levi Byrne is ready to build a keyword-infused beast of a deck in time for Shadows over Innistrad!

Dear Azami: Uppercut The Dragon

Our Dear Azami contributor this week has problems with his Temur leader and the army behind him. Fortunately, Levi Byrne holds all the answers to the Commander problems that ail you!

Dear Azami: Going Bananas

Tasigur, the Golden Fang may be on his way out of Standard action soon, but he’s still going to be a force to be reckoned with on Commander tables everywhere! Levi tunes Tasigur today!

Dear Azami: We Must All Hang Together

Allies have been clamoring for a leader for far too long. Oath of the Gatewatch delivered the hero we’ve wanted, but how do we build the Commander deck optimally? Levi has a few great ideas!

Dear Azami: This Is Akros!

At Dear Azami, we love nothing more than to take an underrated legend and watch them soar! That’s why today’s aggro pairing is overdue for some Dear Azami limelight! See what Levi has in store for them!

Dear Azami: Merciless Anya

We’re still in the updating season of our newest Commander toys, and Levi Byrne has plenty to work with! Join him as he builds around one of the most misunderstood legends from this year’s offering!

Dear Azami: Budget Commander 2015 Precons!

A handful of Commander 2015’s big players have already gotten the Dear Azami treatment! Now it’s time to finish the job as Levi updates the remaining off-the-shelf builds! Don’t miss this great ideas for spicing up your Commander game!