AuthorKen Bearl

Ken Bearl is a player from the Minnesota area with many accomplishments on his resume including back to back MN state championships. Always looking for a unique deck to get wins with, Ken is often seen at the top tables with something you've never seen before.

Five-Color Aggro!

If you want something as crazy as it is good for #SCGDC this weekend, look no further than this one! Ken Bearl explains the ins and outs of the Standard deck that’s too cool to be true!

U/W Blink In Standard

Ken Bearl played U/W Blink to the Top 32 of the SCG Standard Open in Madison. He highlights the changes he’s made to the deck since then. If you want to play something different, try it at SCG Open Series: Columbus.

Grand Prix Minneapolis Travel Guide

Minnesota native Ken Bearl tells you all you need to know about where to eat, how to get around, and what to do if you get there early or scrub out at Grand Prix Minneapolis in a couple of weeks.

Tales Of The PTQ Grind

Ken Bearl has been on the PTQ grind and wants to share his best stories from many weeks of travel with you!

That Bearl Is Poison

Ken took a mean Mono-Black Infect deck to States and had a good time Lashwrithing people out of the game within minutes! If you’re looking for a fun, fast, relatively low-key deck at Baltimore, this is it.

Gen Con

Ken Bearl had a rough finish at US Nationals, but he still enjoyed the trip to Gen Con with his friends. Today, he shares his stories from the event, complete with game reviews and jokes about people being older than himself.

Doubling Up On Exarch

Ken Bearl will be at Nationals and the Midwest Masters Series, and he is ready with a solid U/R Splinter Twin deck. Read his explanations on his decklist choices, and see if might be right for you this weekend!

Pro Tour London

Ken Bearl takes a walk down memory lane as he describes his first Pro Tour experience. He shares photographs from the notebook he took, containing signatures, stories, and notes from the event.