AuthorKeith McLaughlin

Keith McLaughlin is a Florida player well known for his prowess with sixty-card decks. He finished in the Top 4 of both Grand Prix: Boston '05 and Grand Prix: Atlanta '03, and Top 16 of U.S. Nationals '05 and Grand Prix: Philadelphia '05.

Topping the SCG Invitational with B/R Vampires

Tuesday, December 14th – Keith has Top 8ed several Grand Prix in years past and makes a comeback in this year’s SCG Invitational with a deck he never expected to wield, B/R Vampires. Read his report and complete sideboarding guide.

Going Infinite – Grand Prix: Philadelphia *15th Place*

Originally I was planning on skipping Grand Prix: Philly and instead spending time working on the Extended format for Grand Prix: Charlotte in December. This all changed when I realized I’d be qualified for Pro Tour: Honolulu on rating. “No Constructed Magic until February?” I thought to myself. Just then I came to the realization that Grand Prix: Philadelphia was technically not a Constructed tournament, but it affected Eternal ratings. Immediately I started making phone calls, checking class syllibi and by the end of the week, my flight was booked. Now then… What the hell is good in Legacy?

A Topical Potpourri

Keith returns from a sojourn around the nation to cover topics ranging from Chrome Mox vs. Kodama’s Reach in Tooth and Nail and why White Weenie is terrible, before delivering an updated anti-Aggro build of Mono-Blue Control to play at your local FNM.

No-Ponza Red in Standard

StarCityGames.com would like to officially welcome Constructed powerhouse Keith McLaughlin to our family of writers. Keith’s topic du jour is Medium Red, a deck that hasn’t received a lot of press yet, but one that will be a powerful player in the Standard metagame for months to come.