AuthorJon Corpora

Jon started playing Magic at the age of 11. Ten years later, all he has to show for it is a handful of FNM wins. He enjoys watching the Buffalo Bills systematically destroy his soul for sixteen weeks (never more than that) every fall, and also likes to play Magic. Ask him who you should start in fantasy football (de Americano)! He's good at that stuff!

A Limited Article – Drafting With Jon – MSS #1

Thursday, March 10 – Jon Corpora may have lost the Talent Search, but we’re casually bringing him on anyway! (Did you miss him?) Read his colorful commentary on this fun and maybe even enlightening Besieged draft walkthrough.

SCG Talent Search – A Limited Article

Tuesday, October 26th – I see that SCG has posted some sort of Writing Contest to Get A Job That Will Fulfill Your Hopes and Dreams kind of thing. Two thoughts immediately enter my head: 1) I will crush this contest. 2) What am I going to write about?