AuthorJeroen Remie

Jeroen is a long-time Dutch pro who has numerous Pro Tour Top 8 finishes, including a win with his team at Pro Tour: Seattle 2004.

Breaking Formats, Color Switching, and… Thoughtbind?

Jeroen continues his popular series, answering a myriad of Magical questions posted by fans. Today, he concentrates of the Art of Format Breaking. He also touches the subject of switching colors in Draft, and has a few choice words to say on the subject of Thoughtbind in Standard. Remember, send you questions to Jeroen at the usual address!

Questions on RGD Draft: Power, Consistency, and Signaling

Jeroen delves deep into the mailbag, and answers some important questions on the subject of RGD Draft. When is it best to ignore a power-pick for a consistent workhorse? What are the benefits of signaling in Magic’s most colorful city? Handy hints and theories, plus the usual questions regarding the Pro Tour Lifestyle…

Stories And Strategy From Pro Tour Prague

RGD Lessons from Pro Tour: Prague!

Jeroen went into Pro Tour Prague with a clear head and definite plans. He knew the colors he wanted, and he hoped to make Top 8. Unfortunately, his plans backfired… and his head wasn’t clear for long. In this enlightening report, Jeroen shares the sights, sounds, and smells from the Pro Tour Lounge. He also gives us some of the tips he picked up from rocking the side drafts. Wanna sample the true Pro experience? Then read on…

The Road to Regionals – Your Regionals Questions Answered!

Magic the Gathering Regionals!

Today, Jeroen’s column tackles a number of reader-sent questions, each concerning the upcoming Regionals tournaments. He gives us a primer on Regionals preparation, discusses the Politics of the Bluff, and critiques a pair of fledgling Regionals decklists. Time is ticking down to one of the most important tournaments of the year… are you ready?

Learning from the Pro Tour and Looking Towards Regionals

Fresh from the trenches of Pro Tour Prague, Jeroen shares some of the tricks he picked up when drafting RGD with some of the strongest players in the world. He also turns his eye toward the approaching Regionals, imparting advice on gauging your local metagame, and sharing some tips on focusing your deckbuilding process!

Remie’s Review: Dissension Constructed and Limited – Blue/Artifact/Land

Pre-Order Dissension Today!

Jeroen concludes his Dissension musings with a look at the Blue cards, the Artifacts, and the Lands. Of course, we all want to crack those twenty dollar shocklands… but what other cards will see constant play in the coming months? To round things off, Jeroes also brings us his Top Ten Dissension cards for Constructed play.

Playing, Drawing, and New Gifts for Old

Jeroen tackles an age-old question… in draft, is it better to play or draw? And how is this answer affected by the Ravnica Limited format? He also looks at Dissension with an eye on updtaing the classic Gifts control deck of Kamigawa fame… with a cameo appearence from Frank Karsten! All this and more, available with a single click…

Maxing your Mana and Splashing for Success

In the second of his weekly columns, Jeroen answers some strategic questions on Ravnica Limited. We all know that a strong manabase is important… but how can we maximize our color-producing potential? Also, when is the optimal time to start thinking about our splash options? All this, plus a Team Standard decklist!

Ask Jeroen #1

In our continuing efforts to bring you the very best Magic writing available, we are proud to present Jeroen Remie in the first of a weekly column series! Jeroen is looking for your questions, and plans to answer them all in the coming weeks. Today, he imparts some sage advice on Ravnica/Ravnica/Guildpact drafting, and lets us into the strange world of Bizarro ffeJ…

Vote For Me in 2005!

Magic: the Gathering Invitational
It’s election time again, Magic style. Now is the time of year where Magic fans everywhere get to vote their favorite players into the Magic: the Gathering Invitational. Well this year, we decided to give all players on the ballot equal time on our front page. From now until the end of the Invitational voting process, StarCityGames.com will run advertisements from any pro on the ballot (but only from those pros), explaining in 1000 words or less why they should get your vote. Tell your friends to help their case simply by submitting their advertisement to Mail us at https://sales.starcitygames.com/contactus/contactform.php?emailid=2 and we will do the rest.

Today’s candidate? Dutch Bear Jeroen Remie.

What a Month – Winning PT: Seattle, Dutch Nats, and the Best Deck in Type Two

I had to take a little revenge, because people were actually telling me how lucky I was that I had this great team to carry me to my PT win. This stung a lot, so I was set on posting a very good result at the next tournament. Too bad for all the other Dutchies, the next tournament was Dutch Nationals. I had two weeks to test for it after I got back from Seattle, so I started as soon as possible. Testing didn’t quite go as well as I had hoped, so in order to find a good deck, all I had to do was talk to the Master.