AuthorJeroen Remie

Jeroen is a long-time Dutch pro who has numerous Pro Tour Top 8 finishes, including a win with his team at Pro Tour: Seattle 2004.

Ask The Drama — Final Fling

Jeroen Remie.
In this, the last edition of Ask The Drama, Jeroen tackles a number of topics. He critiques decks, he walks us through a tricky Limited game scenario, he shares his Regionals musings, he spills the beans on Dredge, and he even shares his soda preferences! Thanks for the articles, Jeroen… let’s hope we see you in the Feature Article slot soon.

Ask The Drama — Road To Regionals: Jeroen’s Deck Clinic

Get ready for Magic the Gathering Regionals!
With under a week to Regionals, Jeoren clears out all the Standard questions from his bulging mailbag in this extra-long edition of Ask The Drama! He looks at a number of interesting decks sent in by readers and fans, and gives his opinion on their choices and builds. And who knows, maybe one of these reader-built decks will be the one to pilot you to Nationals!

Ask the Drama — Road to Regionals: Your Standard Questions Answered!

Get ready for Magic the Gathering Regionals!
In today’s instalment of the Road to Regionals series, Jeroen Remie sifts through his mailbag in search of questions on Standard. He has a look at Solar Pox, at another interesting Black/White deck, and discusses at length some of the ways to combat Dragonstorm. He also looks at a Blue/White Control deck and discusses countermagic. If you’re looking for that all-important edge for Regionals, Jeroen has the article for you!

Ask The Drama — The Masses Have Spoken

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Last week, Jeroen cast his dignity in the dirt and literally begged for your questions. You responded in your droves, packing his inbox with enough content for five or six weeks! Today’s Ask The Drama begins thinning his inbox, and Jeroen answers questions on coping with playing a Big Name Pro, Mono Black in Standard, and much much more!

Ask The Drama — Standard Help, and Block Constructed Updates

Jeroen is low on questions again, folks! Get them sent into [email protected]. For this week, he rounds out the current batch with a couple of corkers. First up, he takes a look at the Block Constructed metagame, and updates Raphael Levy’s quarterfinal deck from Pro Tour: Yokohama. Then he looks at two uncomfortable-looking Standard decks, and offers his advice… All this, and much more, in the week’s Ask The Drama!

Ask The Drama — Two-Headed Giant, Regionals, and Future Sight

Jeroen returns to his virtual mailbag today, answering fan-posed questions from across the globe! The subjects for discussion today include Two-Headed Giant Limited, the Standard Metagame, how to sideboard against Dragonstorm, turn 1 plays in Limited, and how to slow your game in order to maximize your concentration. He’s running low on questions, folks. Be sure to send yours to [email protected]!

Spotlight on Future Sight — The Remie Rundown

In Wednesday’s edition of Spotlight on Future Sight, Jeroen Remie looks at some of the more interesting cards from the new set, for both Limited and Constructed play. He happily overlooks obvious standouts, such as Pact of Negation, in order to concentrate on unsung cards he feels may have an impact in the months to come…

Ask The Drama — Future Sight, Mono-Green, and Play-Styles

Today’s instalment of Ask The Drama has Jeroen waxing lyrical on a number of important topics, both Magical and non-Magical. Does Future Sight bring anything to the Mono-Green Aggro decks? What’s the best way to begin building a midrange deck? Is age and gender a barrier to success in this wonderful game? And is it difficult to learn Dutch? All this, and more, answered within!

Ask The Drama — Standard, Block, and Two-Headed Giant

Jeroen is back to basics this week, with an article jammed full of reader-posed questions. From the mailbag this week, Jeroen tackles a an interesting Standard Rack deck, valuates the true power of Prismatic Lens, and wades into the debate on the validity of Two-Headed Giant.

Ask The Drama — Two-Headed PTQ

After placing 8th at Grand Prix: Amsterdam, Jeroen Remie and Victor van der Broek had nothing to prove. Their knowledge of the format is unquestionable, and their appearance at Pro Tour: San Diego is a given. Of course, when a pair of flights is up for grabs, then winning a PTQ is always welcome… so that’s what Jeroen and Victor did! Today’s Ask The Drama brings us their hints and tips for the 2HG format, and a little rundown of the Top 10 shows on television.

Ask The Drama — Block Constructed, Demi-Pros, and the Art of Cheating

This week’s Ask The Drama has some juicy questions! Jeroen updates his Mono-Black Time Spiral Block Constructed deck, rectifying a few startling omissions and veering from the mono-colored path. He also provides some handy tips for those attending their first Pro Tour, and lays out some common cheating methods that we should all do our best to eradicate from the Beautiful Game.

Ask The Drama — Black/White in Standard, and Mono-Black in Block

After regaling us with high tales from Grand Prix: Amsterdam last week, Jeroen returns to his tried-and-tested Ask The Drama formula. Today’s questions concern the state of Black/White Mid-Range Control in Standard, Mono-Black Control in Time Spiral Block Constructed, plus a few words on when to concede in an important match.

Ask The Drama – Drama’s Back

This past weekend, Jeroen teamed with Old School Pro Victor van der Broek, and they proceeded to push their way to the very top of the pile, only to fall at the final hurdle. Still, a Top 8 finish at a 666-team PTQ is a fine result… and Jeroen talks us through some of the more interesting deckbuilding points.

Ask The Drama — Two-Headed Giant, and Standard Madness

In preparation for his home Grand Prix, Jeroen answers some reader-posed questions regarding everyone’s favorite four-player format: Two-Headed Giant! For those looking for some Constructed tech, Jeroen also critiques a fun Madness / Reanimator deck, and offers up some helpful tips on how to approach Time Spiral Block.

Ask The Drama — Playtesting, Pros, and Two-Headed Giant

After Jeroen’s impassioned plea for questions last week, the Magic community rallied round and sent ‘em in by the dozen. Mr Remie casts his experienced eye over topics as diverse as proper playtesting techniques, the lack of characters on the Pro circuit, and Two-Headed Giant Sealed deck. And in light of his perceived reputation — that of negativity — he promises to be super-positive today!