Vote For Me in 2005!

Magic: the Gathering Invitational
It’s election time again, Magic style. Now is the time of year where Magic fans everywhere get to vote their favorite players into the Magic: the Gathering Invitational. Well this year, we decided to give all players on the ballot equal time on our front page. From now until the end of the Invitational voting process, StarCityGames.com will run advertisements from any pro on the ballot (but only from those pros), explaining in 1000 words or less why they should get your vote. Tell your friends to help their case simply by submitting their advertisement to Mail us at https://sales.starcitygames.com/contactus/contactform.php?emailid=2 and we will do the rest.

Today’s candidate? Dutch Bear Jeroen Remie.

Hey Kids, my name is Jeroen Remie, and this is why you should vote for me:

I am not the best player ever, I am not naturally talented, or super smart. I do, however, work my ass off playing this game. I have given it my heart and soul, playing every day, writing articles, coaching players, trying to get coached, everything. I am a profesional Magic player cause I want to play the best game in the world every day, and I work for it.

I also contribute in the community like no other player on the list, helping local players, helping people that ask me questions online – heck I even included my Instant Messenger information in my articles to make it easier for aspiring players and pros to contact me. In enjoy interacting with the community.

Playing the Invitational is, and always has been my dream. I want to play, I want to do well, and I want to make the most entertaining, best card possible. I want to live the dream and your vote is what will help me do that.

Oh, and I am the most American player there can be on a “European Ballot” list, as I am (and most of my countrymen agree), more American than apple pie.

Oh, and I rock.

Thank you,