AuthorJeremy Neeman

Jeremy Neeman is an Australian Magic pro who is currently on pace to become one of the three fastest players to reach 100 Pro Points. His resume includes two Grand Prix wins, a Pro Tour Top 8, two Pro Tour Top 16s, and a Worlds Team Finals appearance, all in the last year and a half.


In his farewell to StarCityGames.com and Magic for the foreseeable future, PT San Juan Top 8 competitor and two-time GP winner Jeremy Neeman tells you why he played Magic.

Why Brains Should Be Your Next Meal

Zombies had quite a good showing at the World Magic Cup, with three copies in the Top 4. GP Brisbane champion Jeremy Neeman tells you why he thinks Zombie Pod and B/R Zombies are good choices for the SCG Standard Open in Denver.

The Cream And Curds Of M13

Two-time Grand Prix winner Jeremy Neeman goes over his favorite and least favorite cards from each color in M13 Limited. Learn more about the format Jeremy says is the best core set experience he’s ever had.

Talrand Delver

Grand Prix Sydney winner Jeremy Neeman goes over the Mono-Blue Wizards deck that has been doing well in Standard lately. Consider playing his latest list at this weekend’s SCG Open Series in Kansas City.

Three Steps To Finding Preordain

PT San Juan Top 8 competitor Jeremy Neeman gives you three simple steps to follow if you want to improve your card evaluation skills and become a better deckbuilder.

You Shalt Not Know Our Velocity

GP Brisbane champion Jeremy Neeman illustrates why it’s incredibly important to understand how much Magic is affected by uncertainty, context, and change if you want to succeed in competitive play.

Finding The Snapcaster + Vapor Snag

Instead of just telling you which cards from M13 he thinks are good, top Australian pro Jeremy Neeman delves a little bit deeper and looks at which new cards might intersect with an oldie or two.

I’ll Take The Gun, Thanks

Two-time Grand Prix winner Jeremy Neeman tells you why the 75 cards you bring to a Constructed tournament is one of the biggest predictors of how well you’ll do at that tournament. Learn how to improve your deck selection.

What Year Is It, Anyway?

It’s almost time to celebrate the new year…of Magic! Top Australian pro Jeremy Neeman talks M13, including exclusive interviews with Ajani and Liliana, a review of a sweet reprint, and a discussion of a few unassuming role-players.

The Return Of Dead Giraffes

GP Sydney 2010 winner Jeremy Neeman provides you with an in-depth, card-by-card breakdown of his Zombie Pod deck in Standard. If you want to kill Delver decks this weekend, take this to the SCG Open Series in Detroit.

Tight Plays

“It doesn’t take all that much to be able to throw some cards on the table. It takes a lot more to know exactly when to throw and when to refrain from throwing.” Learn how to make tight plays with two-time GP winner Jeremy Neeman.

Giraffe Mortality

For those still looking for a Standard deck to beat up Delver with, GP Brisbane winner Jeremy Neeman has a deck for you: Zombie Pod, which he likes to call Dead Giraffes. Consider it for the SCG Standard Open in Worcester!

How To Play Around Air Elemental

Want to improve your Limited skills? Top Australian pro Jeremy Neeman tells you why simply "playing around" obvious counterspells, removal, and tricks in Limited might not always be the best move.

The Seventeen Land Myth

Two-time Grand Prix winner Jeremy Neeman details why you usually want sixteen to eighteen lands in your Limited decks. Improve your Limited deckbuilding skills!