AuthorJadine Klomparens

In Magic, Jadine Klomparens is best known for two things: exceptional Modern Jund play and articles that dive deep into the theoretical underpinnings of Magic. Her accolades include runner-up finishes at both a Grand Prix and an SCG Invitational, a host of SCG Open Top 8s, and the name Jundine bestowed on her by a loving public. She's more likely to examine the play patterns of a format staple than brew a new deck, but the analysis she does cuts deeper than any individual card or format.

How I Wrote Magic Strategy

Before Jadine Klomparens heads to the Seattle area to join the Play Design team at Wizards of the Coast, she examines her approach to Magic writing and the lessons you can apply to your own words and game. Good luck, Jadine!

Every Last Edge

The difference between the best in the world and everyone else? That last 10% worth of effort. The distance between the greatest players and the mediocre players is smaller than ever, so you’d better be ready to know these tips for setting your game apart!

The Tragedy Of Carnage Tyrant

What’s the most influential card in Standard? In a format this open, it’s hard to say, but Jadine has become obsessed with this Dinosaur! Sadly, it’s not for all the right reasons! She explains the good, the bad, and the ferocious of a format with this Dino!

Jund Is Finally Good Again

Jadine returned to the Top 8 at SCG Charlotte with her old Modern friend Jund! Get her take on how Assassin’s Trophy has revived the archetype and more ahead of SCG Regionals!

Your Golgari Midrange Matchup Guide

She’s the best person in the business to ask about black and green fair decks! Fortunately, Golgari flavors are all over Standard for the SCG Dallas Classic on Sunday, and we’ve got Jadine explaining how to win!

Answering The Red Questions

Jadine may have been battling in the new Standard trenches, but she also kept a close eye on results from all over! Is red still the best? She explains in detail here!

Learn To Use New Standard Removal Now

This is NOT the same format we just left, people. Jadine is telling anyone who will listen how to build decks that safely use the new rules of removal for SCG Columbus Standard! If you’re still not sure what you’re doing, don’t worry: Jadine can help!

Watch Out For The Ixalan Powerhouses

There are a lot of dangerous cards lurking in the background of Ixalan! Especially ready to pounce on Standard are these, covered today by Jadine Klomparens! Don’t say she didn’t warn you for SCG Columbus!

Lazav Is Legit

Whoa, whoa. Let’s hear her out! Lazav is afterall a two-mana card with tons of synergy throughout Magic. There’s a good chance it could be a major sleeper card, and Jadine wants to make you aware!

Assassin’s Trophy And The New Jund Rebirth

Bloodbraid Elf got unbanned, but the fairy tale didn’t last long for Jund mages! The meta quickly squeezed her out of the equation, but now Jund Jadine has the greatest reason for new optimism: the most powerful removal spell in years!