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Evan Erwin is a long-time cardboard slinger who lives and breathes collectable cards. Creator of The Magic Show and the Marketing Manager of StarCityGames.com. In the time of chimpanzees, he's a gorilla.

Battle Royale Round 6: Live Nude Girls

StarCityGames.com - Battle Royale!

Evan’s budget Reanimator deck took down my budget Summer Bloom deck with embarrassing ease. Not content with simply writing about my defeat, Evan went and recorded the whole thing on video! This article sees us debut some Magic Online video content, concentrating on my profound failure… I hope you enjoy it more than I did.

Battle Royale Round Six – The Second Coming

StarCityGames.com - Battle Royale!

Battle Royale! When this series was announced I was quick to jump onboard. As the fateful email finally arrived, I was extremely excited and thrilled to take part. But I had a problem: I had never played Constructed MTGO. What’s a guy to do?

Learning How To Draft

Today I want to tell you what I think about Limited formats and how to size them up and be a better drafter. This is for the person picking up their first draft set to those who are proficient but want to improve.

Coldsnapped — Coldsnap Limited Dissected

Evan shares some of his preliminary thoughts on the Coldsnap Draft format, bringing some fresh ideas and unusual theories to the table. Travelling to St Louis or Malmo? Maybe Evan has the tips and tricks for you…

SCG Daily – A Deck is Like a Car — The Rakdos Solution

Today I’m going to show you my favorite new deck. It’s been performing very well in testing, and I think it’s ready for prime time. This article will take into consideration the principles I’ve spoken of this week, and how they can relate to deckbuilding and play-style.

SCG Daily – A Deck is Like a Car — Mileage

I, like a lot of Americans, have an SUV as my main vehicle (technically it’s my only vehicle). This means I use up a lot of gasoline getting from place to place. My car, by definition of its V6 gas-guzzling engine, has bad mileage. But that’s not the type of mileage I’m talking about today…

SCG Daily – A Deck is Like a Car — Quality Components

The best cars are made with the best components. The same goes for Magic decks.

It’s real simple in the world of Magic. The cards which accomplish the most, at the cheapest cost, at the most efficiency (in terms of cost and return on investment), and just plain outshine all others in their type (i.e. the best creature in this color, the best enchantment in that color) are those which define the format.

A Deck is like a Car – Engine Designs and Development

When you think of a deck “engine,” what comes to mind? Is it the fueling of resources, a la Affinity? Is it the fueling via tutors, a la Tooth and Nail? Is it the synergy of types, such as Kamigawa Block Legends decks?

All of these decks work with one another in different ways. Whenever you think of two cards providing each other an advantage (fueling a win condition with an Urzatron piece, making another spell cheaper as a result of it being play), then that is a part of the deck’s engine to win.

SCG Daily – A Deck is Like a Car: The Two Engines

Engines in Magic are relative to the cards around them. They are, at their best, pure synergy. The cards in an “Engine,” whether that is a combo, aggro, or control deck, work best when they’re all in play. When you draw all of them, you almost always win. Your “engine” is running. Your “game” has begun.

Practicing What You Preach: Curio-sity in Standard

Evan takes a look at Cloudstone Curio for Standard, pairing it with a bevy of beautiful 187 creatures. He provides a decklist, plus a tournament report, and honestly evaluates the deck’s strengths and weaknesses. If you’re after something a little different for your next Standard tournament, then this is the article for you!

Practicing What They Preach: Ghazi Glare in Action

I’ve had a very interesting time the last few weeks. I went to Regionals using someone else’s decklist, and lost. I used another new decklist today, and performed better. In either case, their builds were strange to me, and while I was comfortable with the archetypes, I wasn’t comfortable with some of the choices. Allow me to share with you the lessons I learned when I used someone else’s deck.

The Road to Regionals – Breaking Dissension : Rakdos

Magic the Gathering Regionals!

Our Road to Regionals series continues… Today, Evan shares his successful Rakdos deck, in an article packed with card analysis and matchup data. The Red/Black guild of doom will surely have a strong showing at Regionals… are you prepared to take it down?

Food For Thought: Azorius Aggro

I’m back after a period of Dissension goodness, and I’m sure you’re no stranger to its ilk. As I write this, the site is mired in set reviews and predictions. I figure I’ll give you less of the former and more of the latter because, as we well know, “but it’s good in Limited” is one of the worst sins a Magic writer can ever make. Today I’m going to lay down a great deck from the same guild that seems geared for anything but. Do you know who’s the beatdown in Azorius?

The Cube 2.0

Today I’m going to bring you immeasurable joy, like nothing you’ve seen before.

How’s that for a tagline? Read on, and soon you too will be a believer…