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Evan Erwin is a long-time cardboard slinger who lives and breathes collectable cards. Creator of The Magic Show and the Marketing Manager of StarCityGames.com. In the time of chimpanzees, he's a gorilla.

Food For Thought: Mono-White UrzaTron

I’ve just had one of those moments. This happens to me often. Particularly when a new set arrives. I wonder just exactly what the emotion is – euphoria? Elation? Wonderment? There’s an intangible something that goes off in my head, and it just exploded.

I have seen the next big thing.

Food For Thought: Green/White Aggro in Standard

The standard beats package should be – according to Heezy Street – Kird Ape and Scab-Clan Mauler, with Giant Solifuge and Scorched Rusalka somewhere in the midst. No doubt those guys are fantastic – good enough to run over Owling Mine like it wasn’t even there, and good enough to win Forty Grand – but good enough today?

The Complete Owling Mine Player’s Guide

Hello there, my name is Evan Erwin… and I’m a hater. I hate your permanents, I hate your spells, and I hate your resources. I found the perfect deck for all you haters out there. It’s called Owling Mine. You may have heard of it…

This article is here to inform you on how this deck is built, played, and reshaped based on your local metagame, and how certain game situations hinge on knowing the right reasons for making certain decisions for it.

Light Into Shadow: A Type 2 Tournament Report

On a cold Saturday in February I entered a 45-person tournament and worked my way to the top with a Black/White Orzhov control deck. Inside I share the list, the strategy, and the match-by-match breakdown with detail like I’ve never had before. Read on and find out how it did, what are the best choices for the deck, and why my build came out on top.

Life After Kamigawa

While we’re currently still enthralled with 5/5 Legendary Dragon Spirits and The Kind of Legendary Artifacts That Make You Open Packs Like Wonka Bars, there is life beyond Kamigawa and its underpowered and overpowered scattering of cards. This article will focus on the gems that will only truly shine once that block has left us, and the cards that may still be flying under the radar.

Food For Thought: Ride The Lightning – Red Deck Wins in Standard

In today’s Control heavy environment, where players love to gather lands, have lots of permanents, and either throw out some fat 4/4’s or 5/5 Flying Legendary Dragon Spirits, it’s not unusual for other players to take a… different approach. Some call this the wrong approach. They would, of course, be wrong themselves. What I’m talking about is Red Deck Wins. This article is a direct response to Mike Flores’ piece about the Red Guildpact cards. To put it bluntly, Flores got Leyline of Lightning 100% wrong.

Three Great Guildpact-Infused Decks

Hello! It’s your favorite Eternal Dominion-wielding superhero and forumite. This time I’m going to take my lessons from playing Magic Workstation, and a week of solid Standard playtesting, to show you what’s possible when you take the raw power offered by Guildpact and apply it to tournament-winning decks.

Food for Thought: Unforgivable Sin

As I look across the strange, malleable place that Type Two is in, I said to myself “Why are there no good combo decks?” I mean, sure, there’s a goofy little reanimator my friend loves tossing around, but it’s just not consistent enough. There’s Snakes, but… I mean, seriously. It’s snakes. Where can you take it from there? Instead of the boring stuff you’ve already seen, I’m going to give you something completely different today that is not only interesting but also moderately competitive as well.

Rebutting Kartin’ Ken – The 10 Things You Need To Learn In MD5 Limited

I think Ken’s Top Ten Mistakes aren’t really mistakes at all. He simply misjudged a few bombs, or was not paying attention to the same website he writes for. Let’s take a look at a few of his points and some of his Top Ten”mistakes”, along with some of my own recommendations before I tell you the things you really need to learn about MD5 Limited.