AuthorDavid McDarby

David McDarby has been playing Magic since Zendikar block and is a three-time SCG Top 8 competitor who finished in the Top 16 in the 2011 Charlotte Invitational. He is also known to become his alternate persona of Jace Beleren from time to time.

Sailing To Valinor

Legacy Open Winner David McDarby is about to embark on the latest of many great journeys. He has some Legacy tech, he has his Tiny Leaders deck, and finally, he has to say goodbye.

Waste Not And The MTGO Cube

The great discard advocate himself is back! What? Not available? Okay, well then we’ll have to use that David McDarby fellow. Convince the boys and girls at home that discard is the way to go at SCG Regionals this weekend!

Season 2014 Of The Darb

Join David as he takes a look back at some of his key successes and failures over this past year, to see what stuck with him the most over different formats and events – and what it takes to succeed sometimes while being faithful to yourself always.

Winning SCG Portland *1st*

David McDarby conquered one and all at Portland’s Legacy Open! Read about his journey through the event and what you can do to best prepare for the format going forward!

Green Creatures In Every Format

David McDarby is on hiatus from his usual Izzet hangouts! Check out what he’s doing with creatures in Legacy, Standard, and even what he has in mind for Commander after Fate Reforged!

Treasure Cruis’n USA!

The (great?) David McDarby is planeswalking into bold new realms these days, mostly in America. See the sights and the splendor as he explains why the Legacy metagame is just fine going into #SCGRICH!

Commander 2014 Set Review!

The legendary planeswalking David McDarby is back again to give you a tour of planes new and old in Commander 2014! See the sights, the sounds, the planeswalkers, of Magic’s newest Commander infusion!

How To Win At Losing

David McDarby ran the grinder gauntlet over the last few weeks! Read about his incredible journey through these tournaments and his travels, but more importantly, read about the journey that lies ahead of him.

Harry Potter And The 100 Card Deck

Since Grand Prix Orlando is approaching, what better way to celebrate than with David McDarby’s latest themed Commander deck! Hint: it involves wizards, spells, and a certain obscure book series you may have not yet heard about.

An Izzet Mage In A Jeskai World

David McDarby is here with a whole slew of by the numbers green midrange decks that you can–who? Oh THAT David McDarby! In that case, click here for spell-oriented explosive new Standard madness! The kind we’ve come to expect from Dave and his Izzet (Jeskai?) friends!

Narset From The New Set

David McDarby has been meditating. It looks like he plans to ascend to monkhood by joining The Jeskai Way! His master (and commander) is the newly spoiled Narset! Prepare to fight!

Four-Player Commander Showdown!

When two battlecruisers just isn’t enough, Commander VS mainstays David McDarby and Danny West call upon Justin Parnell and Stephen Green to get the party rolling!

Mr. Zarek Goes To Gen Con!

Ghostwriter David McDarby steps in to translate the Ravnican account of a planeswalker roaming our realm! See what gaming experiments this Izzet wizard conducted in the bustling summer streets of Indianapolis.