AuthorDan Jordan

Dan Jordan is a 19-year-old from Albany who recently placed in the Top 16 at Pro Tour Amsterdam, won back-to-back StarCityGames.com Opens, and Top 8ed many other premier level events over the course of his young career.

Innistrad Sealed Walkthrough

Dan Jordan is back! He’s had multiple PTQ Top 8s this season in Innistrad Limited, and he’s here to impart some tips about this deep format. Check out his sealed pool and how he built it.

The Aftermath of Worlds

Wednesday, December 22nd – Looks like U/B Control is top dog in Standard after Worlds, and Dan Jordan is looking ahead to strategies and decks to beat the new menace. Check out his updates to RUG and U/B Control!

BUGs in the RUG

Wednesday, December 1st – Dan Jordan compares the two decks he considers to be the strongest in Standard. If you’re planning on running U/G/X Control at this weekend’s Richmond SCG Open / Invitational, find out what you need to know!

Going Back to Back with RUG

Thursday, November 18th – Dan Jordan has enjoyed much success in his young Magic career, including his most recent achievement in going back-to-back at SCG Standard Opens with RUG. What’s his take on the deck?