AuthorDan Barrett

Dan Barrett is a Magic player of 3.5 years, from London, England. His questionable tournament “successes” include finishing 77/166 and 170/172 at GB Nationals, a PTQ 9th place, winning a 23 player Game Day, getting match wins in one of the three vintage tournaments he has played in, and conceding the finals of a drinking competition. While he clearly won’t be your go-to guy for deep strategy and hot tech, he more than makes up for this with strong opinions on all aspects of the game

An Attempted RTR Limited Article

Dan is excited by his idea of a new way to approach Limited, but when he attempts to put it into practice and report his findings, things don’t exactly go to plan…

Every Magic Article Ever

Strong writing and opinions from [serious columnist] and an [irrelevant finish] report from [some grinder’s] recent trip to [tournament name]! Read Dan Barrett’s parody of every Magic article ever.

Putting Dark Ascension To The Test

Dan Barrett takes some new Standard decks out for a spin and reports on his findings, including Zombie and Glissa lists! Get some new ideas spinning for StarCityGames.com Open: Cincinnati this weekend.

Twelve Things I Meant To Say

Dan didn’t have quite enough for a full article, but he did have twelve amusing snippets from his notebooks that have been Voltron-combined to create amusement!

Just A Game

What happens when Magic becomes just another game? Dan Barrett explores the effect of OP changes to non-US, non-pro players.

A Trio Of Treats

Dan Barrett dishes out some quick thoughts on: Planeswalker Points and FNM, a night of drafting at home, and the most infuriating cards in Innistrad Limited.