Drafting With Dan! ISD #1

Watch, laugh, and maybe even learn a little as Dan takes on an Innistrad 8-4 draft!

Hey everyone!

After my passionate tirade on OP changes last article, I promised to give you all something a little more upbeat this time around. So, some good news!

1 – Much to the delight (or so I suppose (or is that secretly hope?)) of Ted Knutson, I’ve finally taken the training wheels off and started drafting 8-4’s on Magic Online. I’ve even split a few finals!

2 – I have also (at long last) managed to record some videos suitable for publication here on StarCityGames.com! So watch, laugh, and maybe even learn a tiny bit as yours truly (and special guest star James Mills) takes on a post-FNM triple-Innistrad draft—with added picture-in-picture fun!


For those of you who prefer text-based queue walkthroughs, here’s the draft section in your preferred style:

Round 1 Game 1

Round 1 Game 2

Round 1 Game 3

Round 2 Game 1

Round 2 Game 2

As you may be able to tell from the misclicks and misplays, it was getting a bit late for us at the end there…

Anyway, do let me know what you think of this format for drafts, and I may do some more (with a range of other guest stars) in the future.

Dan Barrett