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Craig finished in the Top 4 of Grand Prix London 2002, and in the Top 32 of Pro Tour Houston the very same year. He's also the English National Champion 2006.

Vote for the 2008 Articles of the Year, Take Two!

Wednesday, February 11th – Due to a technical oversight, Monday’s polls for the Article for the Year 2008 have been pulled, and replaced with new ones! That’s right folks, it’s time once again to cast your votes. Check out some of the fantastic articles in the polls, both Premium and Non-Premium, and make your voices heard!

Official Eventide Preview Card – Wake Thrasher!

Thursday, July 3rd – Merfolk! One of the all-time classic tribes in Magic: The Gathering. The little fish are currently extremely popular in both Standard and Block Constructed. Eventide promises to bring fresh fish to the table… and there’s none as fresh as the Wake Thrasher!

Scouse of Cards – Heart Breakers

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Friday, June 13th – It’s fair to say that, down the years, I’ve had a hate/hate relationship with tiebreakers. No matter what I try, then always seem out to get me. I’ve no idea why this is the case. Perhaps I murdered a statistician in a previous life, or maybe I once angered a witch’s accountant and thus am cursed with mathematical bias for all eternity. All I do know is that if someone’s gonna come ninth, there’s a fair chance it’ll be me.

Scouse of Cards – Testing the Water in Block Constructed

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Wednesday, May 28th – In three days, I’ll be slinging spells at Grand Prix: Birmingham. I’ve been testing for weeks. Two days ago, I won three byes. Today, I start intensive testing with a gaggle of established pros. On Sunday, I intend to be in the Top 8. I’m taking this one seriously. Wanna join me?

Scouse of Cards – Starting Block

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Tuesday, May 13th – All I wanted to do was stick Shield of the Oversoul on a Doran. The idea nagged at me, nibbling my ear when I was otherwise occupied. Come on, it’d whisper, build a Super-Doran deck… “But it’s a three-color guy in a speedy format,” I’d offer, “and creature enchantments are rubbish!” The idea continued its coaxing unabated. Eventually, I caved…

Scouse of Cards – The Trouble With Version 3…

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Friday, April 25th – Magic Online Version 3 is finally here, and with it comes a barrage of problems, complaints, and requests. Players across the world are gnashing their teeth and pulling out their hair. So, what have Wizards got wrong, and what have Wizards go right? And, more importantly, where do things go from here?

The (Belated) 2007 StarCityGames.com Awards

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Friday, February 22nd – Don those tuxedos, fill those champagne flutes, and gobble down a platter of mushroom tikka vol-au-vents. Ladies and Gentlemen, be upstanding please… for the (Belated) 2007 StarCityGames.com Awards!

Worlds – The 5-0 Standard Decks

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The World Championships. The pinnacle of the Magic year. This year’s tournament kicked off with five rounds of Standard, and those with an eye on the post-Krakow metagame may be surprised by the makeup of the 5-0 decks at the end of Standard play. Today, I take you though the 5-0 decklists from Worlds, so those of us not qualified can do more than sit crying at our desks in an impotent display of Emo excess.

Scouse of Cards #4 – 40-Card Constructed: Winning With Elves

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In this week’s Scouse of Cards, I bring you a fresh approach to drafting. We all know that the best drafters draft decks rather than cards… but is there a way we can formulize the process to ensure that our picks are truly working towards a successful deck? Can we blueprint exactly what we need to win? I believe we can… read on to share my theories.

Scouse of Cards #3 – Not An Article

It’s my birthday! That’s right folks, I’m a year older, and a year crankier. In celebration of another chunk of my finite existence disappearing down the Great Cosmic Toilet, I’ve decided to spend today frolicking in the sunshine. Thus, my article today is a little short. Never fear… normal service will be resumed next week. And this week, there’s a PTQ cardpool to examine and evaluate. My PTQ deck was a disgrace… can you help me rebuild it?

Scouse of Cards #2 – A Journeyman’s Tale

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Today, I share the tales and torments from Saturday’s PTQ, an event that saw 60-plus players take to the Bradford playing fields. I share my cardpool, and my build, and recount the wacky hijinks that ensued! Did I make Top 8? Did I scrub out and draft? Did I punch the head judge and get banned for life? All is revealed within!

Scouse of Cards – Missing a Pro Tour

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The forums have spoken… and the new name for my column is “Scouse of Cards.” Thanks to everyone who suggested names! Today, I bring you an underpowered PTQ Lorwyn cardpool. How would you go about building a winning deck? I also crank up the emo dial and share the tale of woe that is my non-attendance at Pro Tour: Valencia…

Not The Online Outlook — New Beginnings

That’s right, folks… I’m back! After a prolonged article hiatus, I’ll back to delivering the goods on a weekly basis. However, the old Online Outlook format is no more… Instead, I’m touching on all things Magical. Today, I’d like your help with some clerical duties, and I bring you a triumphant Top 8 Champs report!

The Online Outlook #18 — A Tale of Two Drafts

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This is the story of my personal performance at last weekend’s UK National Championship. In particular, it looks at the highs, and lows, of my Limited game, and sees me in part soaring with the eagles, and in part snouting with the truffle pigs. In short, it is the tale of two drafts…