Scouse of Cards #3 – Not An Article

It’s my birthday! That’s right folks, I’m a year older, and a year crankier. In celebration of another chunk of my finite existence disappearing down the Great Cosmic Toilet, I’ve decided to spend today frolicking in the sunshine. Thus, my article today is a little short. Never fear… normal service will be resumed next week. And this week, there’s a PTQ cardpool to examine and evaluate. My PTQ deck was a disgrace… can you help me rebuild it?

First things first… what would you build with this?

I received the above pool at Saturday’s PTQ in Birmingham. It was the pool I registered, and I remember thinking “Boy, I hope I don’t get this load of garbage back…” With 93 players in attendance, I fancied my chances of avoiding such a calamity.

Famous last words.

I hate getting back the pool I registered. I feel cheated, as if I’ve only received half as many cards as the rest of the field.

I’ll give you until the end of the article before spilling the beans about my build. I’ll be surprised if anyone matches me card for card.

In the meantime, let’s tackle a couple of pertinent topics:

The Return of “Drafting With [INSERT_PROPLAYER_HERE]”

Today was the planned grand return of “Drafting With…” but, unfortunately, we’ve hit a little technical snag involving the HTML output files. Hopefully, we’ll have it ironed out in the next day or two.

As for the new face taking up Richie’s (and Kenji’s) mantle… well, that’d be telling, wouldn’t it?

You’ll have to tune in later this week to find out!


That’s right, folks… it’s my birthday! I’m thirty-four years young today!

The winner of Grand Prix: Daytona Beach, Seth Manfield? Seventeen.

Yup, I’m twice his age. I’m old enough to be his father, or I would be if I’d lost my virginity before the age of twenty-eight.

That was a joke, by the way.

Editors past used the anniversary of their birth to bring you a day free of editorial concerns. The articles went up as received, untouched by the Big Red Pen of Doom. I’m not gonna tread that particular path. That said, I am gonna give myself a break.

I’m gonna cut my article short. That’s right… I’m slacking off.

My birthday is but once a year… if you don’t like it, I’ll clobber you with my zimmer frame.

(Oh, and I’m not getting paid for this one. No words equals no cash… a fair sacrifice for a lazier birthday, of course, and one I’m happy to make.)

Now… where are my presents?

Here’s the deck I built and played at the PTQ.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present… the greediest deck in the world!

Marvel at the double Nova Chaser, hoping to spring forth and swing when championing a possible five Elementals… two of which cost FIVE MANA!

Thrill at the fantastic Wren’s Run Packmaster, who plans to hit play atop one of four Elves and a Gilt-Leaf Ambush!!

Recoil in horror at the double Stinkdrinker Daredevils that power out a whopping TWO GIANTS… one of which cost four mana!!!

I fell early in this one… I posted a 1-3 record, beating one of the pre-tournament favorites in round 1 before losing to Merfolk, then Merfolk, then Dread and double Wydwen. I didn’t even get a chance to draft, as I missed the early queue and had to leave before another “fired.”

The tournament, although a washout for me, was impeccably run as usual. Everyone I played was fun. The road trip (two hours each way… about the same distance you Yanks travel to put out the garbage) was a good laugh, as expected. It still sucks to lose, though.

So that’s me for this week. Normal service will be resumed next Monday, when I’ll bring you a detailed rundown of the problems currently besieging Magic Online.

Until then, I’m off to enter a Premier Event. Happy birthday to me!

Craig Stevenson
Scouseboy on MTGO
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