AuthorChris VanMeter

CVM is a well-respected mage with over twenty years of Magic experience, including five SCG Tour Open wins. He is now a proud husband and a father to two pugs, the only things in life he loves more than beards and Dragons.

Lessons From #SCGCOL Playtesting

CVM has a lot to talk about this week! He wants to reflect on past victories, he wants to talk about his exciting new team, and he wants to tell you how to crush #SCGCOL on Saturday!

Why Is No One Talking About Dragons?!

There are plenty of exciting cards in Eldritch Moon, but CVM knows his audience…and his Dragons. Get his exciting Mirrorwing Dragon brews and follow along as he explores the emerging Standard format ahead of #SCGCOL!


Count CVM among the Eldritch Moon fans! He shares his thoughts on the set’s storytelling as a whole and the individual cards that have him excited for Constructed play!

Eldritch Moon Nightmares!

CVM is typically a Dragon man, but with all these Innistrad Angels running around, he may have to re-evaluate! The Bearded One goes to work on his Eldritch Moon analysis for your enjoyment!

#SCGDFW, The Modern Format, And Eldritch Moon

Though there are tons of options for Modern this weekend at #SCGDFW, CVM has his eye on one archetype above all others! Chris weighs in on the format, and of course, the latest spoiler on everyone’s mind: Emrakul, the Promised End!

The Things We Miss

CVM is using his nostalgia to remind him about what’s important: beating G/W Tokens this weekend at #SCGORL! In his detailed format breakdown, he’s looking for all the holes he can find in the weekend’s main contender!

Lessons I Learned Calling #SCGATL

CVM was in the SCGLive booth all weekend, but he saw a lot of incredible Magic! Just because you aren’t playing doesn’t mean you can’t learn! And as you’ll read here, #SCGATL provided a lot of insight into future stars, the game’s current stars, and just what beats those G/W Tokens decks!

My Top 8 Decks!

Climb into the way back machine! CVM is crying nostalgic tears down into his fiery beard this week! What are your favorite decks of all-time? Chris is ready with a list of his!

Land Destruction In Modern

Sometimes it’s best to just embrace who you are as a player. Chris VanMeter likes casting giant monsters and winning immediately. If you want to see the best way to go about this at #SCGINDY and #GPCharlotte, CVM is here with the goods!

In The Shadow Of #SCGStates

Chris VanMeter studies the weekend that was in Magic! Is Bant Company just the way to go for #SCGStates? What is the best strategy to fight it? Is this metagame already settled or is it just getting started?

Standard At #SCGINVI!

Chris VanMeter knows a lot about the shape of Standard formats. He’s here to provide you with the analysis and advice you need to make your #SCGINVI run one to remember!