AuthorChris VanMeter

CVM is a well-respected mage with over twenty years of Magic experience, including five SCG Tour Open wins. He is now a proud husband and a father to two pugs, the only things in life he loves more than beards and Dragons.

Of Stormbreaths And Masters

CVM had a fine time in Legacy this past weekend at #SCGBALT, and what a weekend it was! He chimes in on an event weekend dominated by big names and great new archetypes! #SCGCOL: Here we come!

The Man Of Many Formats

Chris VanMeter and his bountiful beard are surveying the many formats of tournament Magic! Get his latest takes on Standard, Modern, and even Legacy! He has his eye on a four-mana enchantment for #SCGBALT, and no, it’s not Sneak Attack…

Let’s Go Back-To-Back!

Winning two SCG Tour events in a row is rare territory, but CVM has been calling shots left and right! Read about his plans to keep the pain train rolling over his opponents at #SCGMKE Weekend!

The Road To #SCGRegionals Glory!

We’ve had one big event with this Standard format, and CVM was the player that took it down! He’s filling you in on what you need to tackle #SCGRegionals this weekend!

How I Conquered Kaladesh

The man with the beard and the trophy is ready to speak! Read about CVM’s popular win, his team’s prep, and how he feels about the baddest looter on the block!

The Fire Of Kaladesh

When you want advice on aggro decks and Chandra strategies, you go to one player: Chris VanMeter! Let’s see what fresh fire CVM has cooked up for Kaladesh Standard!

The Tip Top Decks Of Modern

Despite all the Modern decks that have shown themselves over the last few weeks, a few are starting to rise above the rest! Which ones have the greatest shot of winning the #SCGRICH Classic?

The Long Road Back

CVM has re-joined the competitive Magic scene, but after some time away he’s definitely feeling the rust! Read about how he plans to get back on track for #SCGINVI this weekend!

What A Pro Tour!

If you’re a fan of Emrakul, you got your money’s worth at Pro Tour Eldritch Moon! Join CVM as he celebrates his favorite archetypes and strategies as we head to #SCGNY’s Standard Classic!

The Best Of Eldritch Moon Standard

It wasn’t all Spirits and Humans last weekend! There were lots of decks hiding in the margins and putting up great numbers! CVM shares his testing results with a slew of exciting builds for #SCGBALT!