AuthorChris VanMeter

CVM is a well-respected mage with over twenty years of Magic experience, including five SCG Tour Open wins. He is now a proud husband and a father to two pugs, the only things in life he loves more than beards and Dragons.

The Best Advice I Know For Tournament Magic

So you want to “level up” your Magic tournament game? Chris VanMeter has been there, done that, and flown home with the trophy! Today he serves up two important best practices, three crucial questions, and four key points for you to consider!

Formats For Days!

CVM is studying up on all that Magic has to offer these days! He’s finding a lot of the same in Standard, a mega-diverse metagame in Modern, and even some shifts in what Pauper gets from Modern Masters 2017! What are you playing these days?

Talking To Modern Masterminds

CVM and his magnificent beard offer up a double-dose of Modern as he gets hints on Ad Nauseam and G/R Land Destruction from two of their top proponents, including play insight and sideboard guides, plus a follow-up to his predictions for Modern Masters 2017!

Sick Decks

Don’t say Chris VanMeter didn’t warn you. The Pugfather called out Ad Nauseam as a broken Modern deck to beat, and guess what happened at SCG Indianapolis? He follows up with his take on the winning list and why he hopes Mishra’s Bauble is lurking in Modern Masters 2017!

Modern In Full Bloom

If you’re seeking a combo-tastic deck in Modern, Chris VanMeter just might have your answer! Losing Summer Bloom might not have been enough to stop Amulet Combo. Is this the deck you need to crack the SCG Indianapolis code?

My New Favorite Modern Deck

While Chris VanMeter and his fabulous facial hair will not grace any tournament halls this weekend, he is plenty interested in the upcoming results! Get his take on the state of Modern and his new favorite deck going into Grand Prix Vancouver and SCG Baltimore!

Red Decks And Planeswalkers

Chris VanMeter was off the tournament scene for a short while, returned, and won his first SCG Tour Open immediately last year! How did he do it? By putting some aggressive cards in his foes’ faces on Week One! He’s got red stacked to the rafters for SCG Columbus (and some dedicated planeswalker brews if that’s your thing too!)

Are You Fans Of The Bans?

Instead of arguing, CVM is all about discussion! Everyone expected something to happen, but nobody expected this! So how do you feel about Standard and Modern now? Chris gives his take and asks for yours!

The Bans I Lived Through

The new year is a time of great change, and a lot of players think the scheduled ban announcement will be a huge shift in Modern and/or Standard. CVM has played a long time and thinks its worth looking at the historical precedent!

How Revolting!

CVM had team duties to attend to last week, so he was behind on the Aether Revolt previews. No longer! The Beard has inspected the prospective all-stars for the future, and he’s telling it like it is!

Tournament Magic: Best Practices

CVM joined a team this year. Since then, he’s won another SCG Tour Open and his teammates dominated the #SCGINVI weekend! How do they do it? Simple: They never ignore the details.

CVM Conquers Modern!

The beard is here! At #SCGINVI, the world will descend upon the Modern format in a flurry of incredibly powerful archetypes! CVM wants to help your chances by reviewing the whole metagame!