AuthorChris Lansdell

A podcaster and writer, Chris Lansdell likes to have as much fun as possible at FNM and on the SCG Tour with his weird brews and his lands defiantly in front of his creatures.

Make Your Open Memorable

Chris Lansdell didn’t get the details quite right when he went to Grand Prix Atlanta. Learn from his mistakes if you’re going to your first SCG Tour or similarly big event! It’s not too late to book tickets to Roanoke…

When My Evil Spike Side Takes Over

Chris Lansdell’s evil Spike side is a vicious, ruthless straw opponent. But as two of Chris’s brews get torn apart, it’s worth remembering: the Tier 1 decks don’t draw perfectly all the time…

The Paradox Of Undying Fury

Chris Lansdell is back with the latest technology in the Temur Energy versus Sultai Energy matchup…just kidding! Enjoy this wacky Standard brew built around Hazoret’s Undying Fury and Paradox Engine! Let’s go wild, brewers!

Fire Up The Hot Take Cannon!

Chris Lansdell has never been short of opinions! Today the Magician of Mount Pearl dispenses his wisdom on Search for Azcanta, Merfolk and Dinosaurs in Standard, and much, much more ahead of SCG Washington DC!

Hey, Soul Sisters!

Train your eyes on brewer Chris Lansdell as he explores the possibilities of Soul Sisters for SCG Cincinnati. Newfoundland and Labrador’s finest wants you to get a life…or two hundred!

Ixalan Modern Brew Blitz!

The Brew Blitz continues! Just in time for SCG Charlotte, Chris Lansdell offers a bevy of Modern options that just might get you having fun and taking wins with fresh Ixalan cards! Which of Chris’s priceless Modern treasures is your favorite?

Ixalan Brew Blitz!

Chris Lansdell promised a Brew Blitz, and he’s delivered in a grand way! Check out his sketches for a Magical future where last month’s metagame is just a memory!

Prerelease Insights

Chris Lansdell’s Prerelease was a good time, but it was also a research project! Get his insights into the tribes that worked, the tribes that didn’t, and where brewers might go once Ixalan finally hits store shelves!

Examining Ixalan, Part 2

Chris Lansdell’s enthusiasm for Ixalan couldn’t be contained in just one article! See where his brewer’s mind has led him among the set’s red, green, and multicolor cards!

Examining Ixalan, Part 1

The brewmaster of Mount Pearl is sailing south in search of riches, and the jungles of Ixalan haven’t disappointed him yet! See the white, blue, and black cards that have him hyped for the new set!

Treasured Finds

Chris Lansdell dreams of Treasure! And with not one but two alternate win conditions to brew with, no wonder he’s smiling. But that’s not all that’s on his mind!

Archetypes To Survive The Rotation Apocalypse

Rotation doesn’t mean that every Standard deck will die! New cards are exciting, but don’t forget to test against the current metagame! Chris Lansdell takes a look at the archetypes that may hold on for months to come!