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If you seek limited or constructed tournament knowledge, wrapped up with excellent comedic writing, you are in the wrong place. Planted firmly at the kitchen table, Bruce is all things casual, focusing primarily on strategies for multiplayer games wrapped up with horrific, train wreck attempts at humour. Bruce is married to an extremely tolerant woman and has three children who will not go near him in public. In real life Bruce works as an attorney and lives just outside Boston.

Gathering the Magic: How To Find Real-Life People to Play With

It’s an article on the fundamental problem of Magic: what do you do when you don’t have anyone to play with, and you want the company of real-life pals? Fortunately, Bruce has had some experience in starting up Magic groups from scratch, and he’s willing to share his expertise with you!

No Decent Human Builds a Deck Without These Cards, And Neither Should You

I’m not going to try to convince you to stop playing with a list of cards that seem to come up regularly in multiplayer games that I’ve played and end up beating me. While Chris Hyde claimed that “decent human beings™ don’t play with these cards,” we all know that most of the people we play Magic with – including ourselves – are not decent human beings™, at least according to Chris’s definition! These people are not going to become decent human beings™ just because someone tells us that the cards we use wreck their fun. So what can we actually do to stop their nefarious schemes?

11 Reasons Why I’m Not Writing For StarCityGames.com

I used to write with semi-regularity back when The Ferrett was editing this here site here. I used to write about what happened with my weekly multiplayer get-togethers. The Casual Reports were interspersed with other articles about multiplayer strategies, and general replies to other articles on the site. In those days, The Ferrett posted almost any article he received, assuming the writer had some understanding of grammar and could press the spell-check button. I only remember one or two articles that ever required a rewrite. Those days are long gone.

Ground Chuck And The Death Of A Legend: A Response To Bennie Smith’s Article

In Bennie Smith’s most recent article,”The Legend of Chuck,” Bennie discusses a player in his multiplayer group named – not surprisingly – Chuck. Most every multiplayer group has at least one Chuck, and just about everyone would like to get rid of Chuck – or at least see him change his style. Bennie asked for suggestions to help him deal with his reputation as a strong player with solid decks that can kill everyone on the board quickly. I’m here to show you how to”ground” Chuck, and dump the reputation that is putting a damper on the win totals.

The Casual Report #11: A Multiplayer In King YMV’s Court

October 7, 2002. That was the last time I wrote a Magic article.
August, 2002. That was the last time I played a game of Magic with more than two people involved.
After seeing that Rizzo still writes more often than I do – and he’s supposed to be retired – I decided that I better actually write something. And if he can write about absolutely bombing at the Grand Prix, why can’t I?

Camouflage Multiplayer Tactics: The Five Keys To Being Ignored

Anthony Alongi doesn’t get it. Sam Zitin doesn’t get it. Stijn van Dongen doesn’t get it. Tom Fenwick doesn’t get it. Robert Taylor doesn’t get it. Andrew Healy sort of gets it, but not really. I think Peter Jahn gets it, but he doesn’t write about it. I thought Tim Ward was going to get it, but then he lost it. The Ferrett gets it, but he hasn’t reminded anyone about it in over a year.

The Casual Report #9: Amateur All-Torment Draft!

Pre-game show: Our group had been planning to try doing a draft. Only Scott has ever done a draft before – so this would be a group of pure rookies, drafting cards. Most of us were looking forward to it as a change of pace. After a couple of failed attempts, everyone was agreed that…

Welcome To My Overcompensation: The Cliff Notes

Many of you are undoubtedly fans of the writings of … But Mr. Rizzo’s was over a hundred pages long. I just finished reading it, and decided that I could perform a service for those of you with lives – those who simply don’t have enough time to read through his article. Included below is…

The Importance Of Card Advantage In Multiplayer?

Card advantage is a relatively common concept in Magic, but has been rarely discussed in relation to multiplayer. Adding several players to the mix makes the concept very confusing, and makes the explanations that much more boring. I promise to spice it up with lame jokes and humorous examples that should make things clear. What…