AuthorBilly Moreno

Billy Moreno finished 2nd at Pro Tour: Los Angeles and 11th at Pro Tour: Honolulu.

My Magical Life: Summer Boom Boom

Billy Moreno has a mission – an article a week on all things Magical. Today’s first offering covers the last few months of his Magic life, including Pro Tour and Grand Prix stories. He also presents an innovative land-abusing beatdown deck, Summer Boom Boom. Third turn dragons, massive Vinelasher Kudzus, uncounterable card drawing… could this be the deck to break the metagame wide open?

SCG Daily – You Want Tech, You Got It

For some reason (complete laziness), I never wrote about my experiences at the Honolulu Pro Tour. I’m still not going to, because the time has passed and my notes went through the washing machine a few times, but I do have a tropical lesson to share….

SCG Daily – Feed Your Blue Addiction

Seriously… I’m a junkie. I’m hooked to that sweet, that nasty, that gushy stuff. Need a little blueberry to even me out. Some sapphire blue to stop the shakes. Ask around. It’s kinda sad actually… I’m compulsive about drafting Blue in RRG.

SCG Daily – The Magic Closet

I was curious if anyone could think of any Pros in the history of the game who were openly gay. We couldn’t think of any one, any one at all. I mean, the Europeans all wear capris and Katsuhiro Mori carries a purse, but he also gets mad honeys.

SCG Daily – Magic Musings

In the shallow depths of a Long Island Iced Tea, Billy ponders why he plays our little game… Reflection, inspiration, and sharp writing, from one of the true characters of the game.

Livin’ The Dream: My Pro Tour: Los Angeles Report, Part I

My testing took place in a relative vacuum — with help from friends back home, but little to no access to pro testing information, I pieced together a fairly accurate picture of the metagame and I built my deck accordingly. I want to make sure that everyone who wants it — the PTQ win, the PT, the gravy train — really understands that it is possible.