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Billy Moreno finished 2nd at Pro Tour: Los Angeles and 11th at Pro Tour: Honolulu.

Feature Article – Analyzing the StarCityGames.com $5K Standard Open Top 16

States is coming!
Thursday, October 30th – The Top 16 decks from the recent SCG $5K Standard Open make interesting reading. While some things stay the same (congratulations Chris!), some things are wildly different. The target for States may firmly be fixed on the Big 3 decks in the metagame, but there are many other options available for the fearless spellslinger. Let Billy lead the way!

Feature Article – Working the Angles: The Geography of a Problem

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Friday, October 24th – Billy Moreno, a player used to the Sunday spotlight, brings us some exciting theories on the process behind achieving our goals. If you’re looking to excel at your next big even, his ideas may hold the key… He also shares a saucy Extended Zoo deck, and updates his Standard Anti-Toast decks just in time for the StarCityGames.com $5K Standard Open this weekend!

Feature Article – Toast is Bland: Taking Down Five-Color Control in Standard

The StarCityGames.com $5,000 Standard Open Returns to Richmond!
Friday, October 17th – With Faeries at the top of the Standard pile, the other stand-out strategy appears to be Five-Color Control, or “Quick n’ Toast.” While there are many variants of this Reflecting-Pool-packing monster, they all seem to stumble to similar weaknesses… and today, Billy Moreno exploits these weaknesses with a couple of new decks! If you’re attending the StarCityGames.com $5K Standard Open, you can’t afford to miss this!

Feature Article – Standard Focus: Jund and the Angel

The StarCityGames.com $5,000 Standard Open Returns to Richmond!
Thursday, October 9th – Billy Moreno is a fine example of an outside-the-box deckbuilder. Today, alongside some excellent Shards Draft analysis, he brings us two exciting deck ideas. The first focuses on the Jund Shard, while the second looks at the power of Battlegrace Angel…

Feature Article – Sealed With Shards

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Thursday, October 2nd – The coming Pro Tour Qualifier season plunges us into the murky depths of Shards of Alara Sealed. The tricolor torment promises to be powerful and fun… Billy Moreno, fresh off his prerelease experience, brings us some excellent advice to help improve our Sealed deckbuilding and Limited play.

Feature Article – A Last Look At Shadowmoor / Eventide Draft

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Thursday, September 25th – With Shards of Alara just around the corner, Pro Tour finalist Billy Moreno walks us through a difficult Shadowmoor / Eventide draft with an eye toward sharing his final thoughts on the format as a whole. With at least a month before SSE drafts fade from Magic Online, can you put Billy’s lessons to profitable use?

Feature Article – Billy Plans

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Billy Moreno, one of the candidates for Resident Genius 2007, brings us the ideas and strategies behind a funky new Standard deck designed for Regionals. It’s a storm deck that runs five colors, and is capable of a number of ridiculous nut draws. BDM himself ran it at his Regionals, and it’s great fun to play. If you’re looking for something that’s both fun and competitive to play at your next Standard event, look no further!

My Magical Life: A Constructed and Limited Look at Time Spiral

Time Spiral has finally been unveiled… and Magic’s greatest minds are on the lookout for top tips and hot tech. Billy, bunged with a head cold but fresh from the prerelease, takes us through his preliminary thoughts on Time Spiral, looking at the set from both a Constructed and Limited standpoint. He throws up card interactions left, right, and center. Who knows, maybe the next Standard-defining deck is born in this intellectual melee…

Battle Royale Round 8 – Eidolons Ho!

StarCityGames.com - Battle Royale!

Billy steps up to the plate with a fresh deck based on some of the more overlooked creatures of Ravnica block. Can you guess what they are? Hint: there’s a clue in the article title…

My Magical Life: My Humble Beginnings

In a break from high strategy, this week’s Moreno Monday chronicles Billy’s formative Magical years. He details his ascension from kitchen table player, to Pro Tour Qualifier attendee, to Pro Tour mainstay, in an evocative and honest style. While not loaded with top tech tips, this is a fine companion article that captures the beauty of our wonderful game.

Battle Royale Round 7 – Balance Sheets

StarCityGames.com - Battle Royale!

And of course, here’s the reason I wanted to win so badly last week… this week’s challenger is none other than Billy Moreno! As one of the premier Constructed minds on the planet, what did Billy do with his 25 tickets? Read on to find out!

My Magical Life: Scrubbing Out at Grand Prix: Phoenix

Billy’s experience at Grand Prix: Phoenix was a good one. Not for the playing – he performed hideously – but for the company, the side events, and the good times. Today’s rollercoaster article chronicles each high and each low in the customary Moreno style, and shares his GP cardpool for those who wish to play along at home. “Moreno Monday” comes two days late this week… but we forgive him!

My Magical Life: Drafting With Billy

Billy Moreno has a problem – Triple Coldsnap Draft. Today’s excellent installment of Billy’s weekly column sees the self-confessed Constructed addict power through a number of triple Coldsnap drafts on MTGO, sharing each and evey pick along the way. In this one article, we have not one, not two, but eight complete drafts… one disected fully, the other seven offered as a lengthy bonus. Enjoy this one – it may take you some time…