AuthorAnthony Lowry

Anthony Lowry has been a dominant force in the northeast IQ circuit, with one of the largest number of top 8s last year, propelling him toward the top names on the Open Series. He is a major ambassador for the community, and his passion for the game is rivaled by few.

The New Standard Watch List

Which cards are poised for big breakout success once Battle for Zendikar is unleashed? Anthony Lowry previews some of the best early format strategies for success before #SCGMKE!

An Invitational Epilogue

While Anthony had high hopes for the Season Three Invitational and took some big risks in order to try and capitalize on the state of the Legacy format, there are lessons to be learned even when things don’t quite go your way – and those lessons can thankfully be shared.

An Invitational Prologue

Sometimes the best thing to think about is what you should be doing at a Magic event, not what the generic “someone” should be doing. With that in mind, Anthony Lowry looks at his preparations for the Season Three Invitational!

The Modern Landscape

Modern has proven to be a rapidly shifting and dynamic format – but we’re used to it only shifting when a lot of attention is paid to it. Anthony catches up with recent developments in the Modern metagame before this weekend’s Modern Open in Charlotte!

Staying A Step Ahead In Standard

Standard is a highly dynamic format at the moment, full of powerful cards and decks that gain a significant advantage if you play them into the right metagame. Staying ahead is key, and Anthony Lowry looks at how to do just that for #GPLondon this weekend.

Lowry’s Lists: SCG Regionals

With this weekend’s #SCGRegionals right in his own backyard, Anthony Lowry is excited – both for the event and the plethora of great options he’s got brewing up for Standard this weekend!

A Level-Headed Approach to GR Dragons

Metagaming is all about figuring out the right level to shoot for and then hitting it, and Anthony Lowry looks at whether it’s worth building your deck around opponents playing Languish at this point in the metagame.

Seeing Stars

Anthony Lowry loves Chandra, but today’s 75 is not about the Fire of Kaladesh – in fact, there’s nary a red card to be found. Check out his pair of decklists featuring Starfield of Nyx and test ’em out for #SCGCHI this weekend!

I’m Kiki For CoCo-Twin!

It’s amazing how complicated a Modern deck can be if you let it, and Anthony’s new favorite deck in the format is a complex mix of nested dependencies and hidden opportunity costs that is just a real deckbuilder’s paradise to work on.

Lowry’s Lists: Magic Origins

Magic Origins is a deckbuilder’s cornucopia, and Anthony Lowry takes a meander through the set spoiled so far in order to find homes for some of the cards that interest him the most.

How Avaricious Are You?

Anthony has been working on G/R Dragons ever since Thunderbreak Regent got spoiled, and he looks at whether or not the deck is well-positioned for Grand Prix Providence this weekend – as well as another spoiled Dragon that is weighing on his mind!

Lighting Up Columbus

Preparing for the Invitational is hard to do at the best of times, and Standard is dynamically in flux on a week-to-week basis, so it was harder this time than usual. Anthony still rose to the challenge, though, and ended up very satisfied with the decks he brought to compete.

The Modern Burn Primer: Part 2

Lots of games will be won and lost depending on how you’ve chosen to use and build your sideboard! Let Anthony explain just how intricate the Burn sideboarding science is before Grand Prix Charlotte and this weekend’s #SCGINVI!

The Modern Burn Primer: Part 1

Anthony Lowry steps into the flames so that you can have a great understanding for playing (and playing against) Burn at the #SCGINVI in Columbus and at Grand Prix Charlotte!