AuthorAnthony Lowry

Anthony Lowry has been a dominant force in the northeast IQ circuit, with one of the largest number of top 8s last year, propelling him toward the top names on the Open Series. He is a major ambassador for the community, and his passion for the game is rivaled by few.

We’ll See

Anthony Lowry contemplates his future, his identity, and his health. He has a lot of friends in our community, and today, he’s taking the time to give them proper thanks.

Chandra, Flamecaller

It’s not a secret that Anthony Lowry is quite the fan of Chandra and her firestarting. So how does he feel about the latest in the long line of Nalaars? Anthony analyzes the card here!

A Modern Ban List Rant

Anthony Lowry loves Modern, and he’s tired of the constant begging for things to be banned and unbanned all the time, as if Magic is capable of being catered perfectly to every style and player. Here, he lets loose and sounds off against the noise!

Is “Good Enough” Good Enough?

In following and playing Magic, we’re constantly seeing others succeed and fail. The pressure and expectations we put on ourselves and others is always there, but is it fair? Anthony Lowry ponders the importance of personal preference when it comes to competitive Magic.

6 Modern Cards That Are Being Underplayed

Modern’s card pool is huge, and it’s getting even bigger. Anthony Lowry has been spying six cards that are criminally underplayed. Respect them, play them, or get punished at #SCGDEN’s $5,000 Premier IQ!

Choose My #SCGNJ Deck!

No matter what the outcome, Anthony Lowry will be sporting a sweet one this weekend! Help him decide which of his insane combo builds he’ll pilot at #SCGNJ!

Modern Predictions For #GPPitt

Anthony Lowry has spent a lot of time pondering exactly how fast Modern has become as we approach #SCGKC’s $5,000 Premier IQ! See the decks he thinks stand to make a good push at this weekend’s big Modern events!

Making Landfall At SCG Philadelphia

Anthony Lowry reviews his Open Series weekend, including a sacrifice he made for another player and a touching anecdote that provides a great template on how to look at yourself within our community.

The Modern Power Nine

The original Vintage Power Nine still gets all the iconic love after all these years, but what if we had the same metric for greatness in other formats? Anthony Lowry votes for Modern’s iteration here! How many of these cards will be in your #SCGPHILLY $5,000 Premier IQ deck?

Not A Grixis Control States Article *5th*

Mr. Lowry said he was going to take down States, and he very nearly did! He explains his card choices, his sideboard instructions, and his play patterns so that you can call your shot at #SCGDFW’s Modern Open this weekend!

The 5 Big Takeaways From The Pro Tour

Is the post-Pro Tour format solved? Not by a long shot! Anthony Lowry highlights the biggest lessons learned from the big event over the weekend. Ignore his insight at your own risk if you plan on being at the #SCGSTL $5,000 Standard Premier IQ!

Why I’m Winning Modern States

Anthony Lowry is not one to make a called shot lightly, but he has found the right Modern deck for him to play this weekend at #SCGStates and it’s time to call it.

Shedding Some Light On Aggro

Gerry Thompson and Kent Ketter used control builds and Bring to LIght to thrash the competition last weekend! Anthony Lowry wants to know what’s possible using Bring to Light in an aggro build for #SCGATL!

Playing Less Colors, Not More

With #SCGIndy coming, everyone is concentrating on complicated manabases. Anthony Lowry knows that you can punish misbuilt decks by keeping it simple. No Lightning Strike? No problem!

Battle For Zendikar In Modern

Which cards from the new set will make the biggest impact on Modern? Anthony Lowry investigates Battle for Zendikar’s potential influence on what is already one of the most diverse formats in Magic today!