AuthorAbraham Stein

As a two-time Pro Tour competitor, and a Bronze Pro, one thing is for certain: Abraham Stein is more than your average grinder. A self-proclaimed "student of the game" Abraham spends most of his idle time thinking of new ways to approach and explain Magic theory. With multiple SCG Classic Top 8s and a Top 32 finish on the leaderboard in Season 2 of 2018, Abraham shows no sign of easing up any time soon.

The Evolution Of Delver Decks In Legacy

Legacy may be slow to change most of the time, but the past month has been a big exception! Abraham Stein breaks down how Delver decks have adapted in recent weeks, plus the tech you must watch out for at SCG Cincinnati!

Long Live Cryptic Command!

Who said control is dead in Modern? Abraham Stein celebrates the comeback of Cryptic Command just in time for SCG Regionals and shares his comprehensive Jeskai Control sideboard guide!

The Hero Of New Standard

Move over, Teferi! There’s another hero that Mr. Stein has his bets on when it comes to Ravnica Allegiance Standard! With SCG Indianapolis on the horizon, get ready for the new era with these decks!

Can We Get Some Love For Gutterbones?

The lame ducks of the past–cough, Bloodsoaked Champion–have given poor little Gutterbones a tough time this preview season! But as Abraham Stein warns, if you spend too much time worrying about the big splashy mythics, these cards might get you…

What A Spectacle!

After days of speculation, we finally know exactly how the spectacle mechanic works! Abraham Stein contemplates the implications of what the Rakdos are sure to be up to in Ravnica Allegiance Standard!