AuthorAbraham Stein

As a two-time Pro Tour competitor, and a Bronze Pro, one thing is for certain: Abraham Stein is more than your average grinder. A self-proclaimed "student of the game" Abraham spends most of his idle time thinking of new ways to approach and explain Magic theory. With multiple SCG Classic Top 8s and a Top 32 finish on the leaderboard in Season 2 of 2018, Abraham shows no sign of easing up any time soon.

Defining The Pillars Of Pioneer

Can a format that’s only three days old already have pillars? Absolutely, says Abraham Stein! He highlights the engines, removal, and interactions that will define Pioneer…at least until the banhammer swings.


Abraham Stein has a long history with Slivers. He examines how new additions from Modern Horizons can make this old-school tribal deck even stronger!

The Art Of Calling An Audible

You’re all set to run Deck A for a tournament, but something’s telling you to go with Deck B instead. Do you switch? Abraham Stein breaks down when and why to call an audible!