AuthorAbraham Stein

As a two-time Pro Tour competitor, and a Bronze Pro, one thing is for certain: Abraham Stein is more than your average grinder. A self-proclaimed "student of the game" Abraham spends most of his idle time thinking of new ways to approach and explain Magic theory. With multiple SCG Classic Top 8s and a Top 32 finish on the leaderboard in Season 2 of 2018, Abraham shows no sign of easing up any time soon.

The Keys To Crushing Arclight Phoenix

Almost out of nowhere Arclight Phoenix is making a case for the best creature in two major formats! Well, for one weekend anyway. As Abraham Stein points out here, it can be defeated at SCG CON!

New Sweet Modern Archetypes For Baltimore!

Abraham Stein knows that the next big breakout deck could be his! All he has to do is pay close attention, and that’s exactly what he’s doing for you! Some of these Modern archetypes have to be seen to be believed! Will Baltimore be conquered by a new archetype?

Boros Isn’t Going Anywhere

A lot of players are downplaying Boros’ success at the Pro Tour as a mixed tournament result, but that’s where Abraham Stein may have some disagreement! Get your Knights and Soldiers prepped to take on SCG Vegas!

Why SCG Regionals Is Great (And How To Win Yours)

Our good friend and Modern mainstay Abraham Stein has a unique view of SCG Regionals: he can prey on the meta! See why he thinks it’s a great event for Modern masters to thrive more than usual and what decks he thinks are the real best options!

Beating Big Mana In Modern

Big Mana decks took gold, silver, and bronze at the SCG Charlotte Modern Open! Abraham Stein thinks it’s time to target Big Mana, and he’s here to show you how!

Putting Modern Prison On Lockdown

Dredge isn’t fun in Modern, but Prison is worse! Abraham Stein examines the Grixis Whir deck that put the SCG Dallas Modern Classic on lockdown and shares how to defeat it!

Is Golgari Seriously The Best Deck?

Based on how many great Magic minds want to take down Golgari, I wouldn’t want to be a part of the Swarm on Sunday at SCG Dallas! The Classic will tell the tale! Can Golgari survive all this hate?

Answering Standard

Is it too soon to try to answer the metagame in Guilds of Ravnica Standard? Abraham Stein makes a bold leap for it!