AuthorAbe Sargent

A Commander and casual Magic lover who calls all of West Virginia his hometown, Abe Sargent moved to Michigan for a time, working there for eleven years before heading off to seminary in the North Philly suburbs before finally heading to southwestern Connecticut. He's still not sure how a state the size of Connecticut has its own distinct regions. If you face Abe in a duel, be prepared to face his notorious work of art, Abe's Deck of Happiness and Joy.

Commander 2015 Cube Changes!

Abe Sargent’s amazing Commander Cube is the ultimate in fun Magic projects! See what gets the ax and what is a must-have for your own casual Magic passions!

Hunting In Commander 2015

Those new Commander 2015 bosses don’t have to lead everything themselves! Abe has found a great way to combine a few of them into a new counter-packed monster of a deck! Hope you have your dice ready!

Commander Toolkit #7

Every once in a while, Abe likes to update the decks he built from small-time trades! See the two decks he has built from straw and take one of them to the Commander Celebration at Grand Prix Atlanta!

Profiting From A Random Commander

Abe’s Random Commander Challenges are a perfect template for sprucing up your Commander efforts! See his latest challenge completed with an underrated fun commander before Grand Prix Atlanta’s Commander Celebration!

Wildfires In Commander

Is land destruction too taboo in Commander? What about just a little of it? Abe Sargent is updating one of his most fiery 100-card brews so that you can have it at its best for Grand Prix Atlanta’s Commander Celebration!

Positive Auras

Abe Sargent bemoans the way equipment has all but replaced auras in nearly every typical Commander list. Fortunately, he has some analysis on the subject, including a few ways you can use the auras you want for good results at Grand Prix Atlanta’s Commander Celebration!

Random Commander: Sydri, Galvanic Genius

Sometimes Abe’s Random Commander Challenge yields a complete dud that he has to get creative with. And sometimes, it hits him with a popular powerhouse like Sydri! See the new and creative direction he takes her before you hit up Grand Prix Atlanta’s Commander Celebration!

Wort And Zada: Partners For Life

Wort, the Raidmother has a new best friend in Battle for Zendikar’s Zada, Hedron Grinder! See Abe flesh out one of the most original Goblin Commander decks we’ve ever seen before Grand Prix Atlanta’s Commander Celebration!

Commanding The Table With Noyan Dar

Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper is one of the most powerful new additions to the Commander format from Battle for Zendikar! See how Abe is wielding the Merfolk Ally before you join the Commander Celebration that’s coming to Grand Prix Atlanta!

The Most Overused Commander Cards

Commander is a format where you’re free to play what you wish, but sometimes, enough is enough! Abe shows off the cards he thinks are in the most need of a breather at the casual tables!

Return Of The Random Commander Challenge: Knightfall!

Any time Abe gets primed to uncover a new random Commander project, the people take notice! Today’s special brew is all about swords, shields, and victory! Let’s give three cheers for Ser Abe Sargent and his army of skull-bashing tribal Knights!

Uncle Istvan’s Maddening Deck

Commander is all about exploratory deckbuilding in a fun, flavorful format, and Abe takes that to heart while continuing to explore non-legendary creatures filling in that Commander’s role by building a new deck around a crazy axe murderer.

Get Ready For Zendikar And Landfall Again

Abe Sargent is just quivering with excitement in anticipation of our imminent return to Zendikar, and today’s Commander deck is all about building Landfall triggers in preparation for that climactic battle!

Random Commander Baby: Ooze-Tastic Fun!

It’s time to press the random button for inspiration and motivation again, and Abe Sargent hits the jackpot this time as a beloved Commander pops up and chases his muses all over the place!