Video: Pox In Legacy

Drew brewed up a new deck focusing on Bloodghast, and today he puts the deck through its paces against a variety of decks! Give it a try ahead of #SCGVEGAS if it piques your curiosity.

Round One

Round Two

Round Three

Round Four

At its core, this deck is for real.

It’s absolutely threat-light, but that can be fixed.

It doesn’t really want nearly so many Contaminations, and it’s likely that it doesn’t even want a single Contamination (although the thought is nice).

I think that the next step is adding more powerful cards, making it look like a super-grindy version of BW Stoneblade. It’s likely that Spirit of the Labyrinth and Stoneforge Mystic are good additions here, although the two-drop slot is SUPER crowded already.

I loved Bitterblossom in the games I played before recording, and I would keep it. Bitterblossom plus Umezawa’s Jitte is great against what people are doing nowadays – even just Bitterblossom versus Jace is a winning fight.

Nether Traitor is likely too weak to actually make the cut in Legacy, although it is a sweet extension of the original theme and I’m glad it got to see some play. Having cards that work well with Cabal Therapy and Liliana of the Veil is an important element of the deck, although I can absolutely accept that I pushed that element really hard.

Bloodghast is still the nuts. If you want to see more of it in action, go pester Select writer (and former SCGLive coverage sensei) Glenn Jones — he has a real sweet BWR list that looks downright respectable. No Smallpoxes, which is an outrage…but still, respectable.

I don’t know how I’ll be feeling this weekend, but I’d love to know what kind of deck you want to see next. If I don’t end up writing an article for Tuesday, it will be for a reason that you will deeply appreciate. Trust me.