Top 4 – Alex Bertoncini vs. Scott Jeltima

Top 4 – Alex Bertoncini vs. Scott Jeltima

Top 4 – Alex Bertoncini vs. Scott Jeltima

Coverage thanks to James Norris.

In game one, Scott leads with a Grove of the Burnwillows and Birds of Paradise.

Alex plays a Turn 2 Bitterblossom and says, “Go.”

Scott plays Gaddock Teeg and Fire-Lit Thicket. Alex plays Pestermite during Scott’s upkeep, tapping his Fire-Lit Thicket. Scott attacks with Gaddock Teeg. Alex then attacks with a token and the Pestermite.

Scott plays Stonecloak in response, returning his Gaddock Teeg and trading with the Pestermite. Alex is now at eighteen life, Scott is at nineteen.

Scott plays Kitchen Finks, going up to 21. Alex plays an end-of-turn Scion of Oona that gets Incinerated during that same end-of-turn step.

During Scott’s next upkeep Alex plays a Pestermite that taps Scott’s Kitchen Finks. Scott plays Tarmogoyf and Gaddock Teeg and passes. Alex plays a Sower of Tempation, taking the Tarmogoyf, and swings with three tokens and a Pestermite. Scott attacks with Gaddock Teeg and Kitchen Finks and plays a Garruk Wildspeaker, and removes a counter to make a beast token.

Alex plays another Sower of Tempatation, taking the beast. He attacks with Tarmogoyf, four Tokens, Sower of Tempation and Pestermite, dropping Scott to four.

Scott plays Fiery Justice, killing Sower of Temptation, Pestermite, and two tokens. Then he scoops them up.

In Game 2, Scott is on the play while Alex mulligans to six cards.

Scott opens with a Grove of the Burnwillows and Birds of Paradise.

Scott then plays ‘Goyf and passes. Scott attacks for zero and puts a Treetop Village into play. Meanwhile, Alex continues the game of “Draw, Go.” Scott plays Stonecloaker at end of turn, returning the Tarmogoyf.

Scott attacks with Stonecloaker and plays Tarmogoyf and Gaddock Teeg.

Alex plays a Scion of Oona at end of turn.

During Scott’s next upkeep Alex plays Mistblind Clique, and Scott incinerates the Scion in response. Scott then attacks with Tarmogoyf, Gaddock Teeg, and Stonecloaker, dropping Scott to ten. Scott then plays another Tarmogoyf and passes.

Alex plays Slaughter Pact, targeting the Gaddock Teeg, and plays Damnation. Scott attacks with his Treetop Village and passes. Alex attacks with his Faerie Conclave while Alex cycles Edge of Autumn in response. Scott plays Riftsweeper and passes. Alex plays Sower of Temptation, taking the Riftsweeper. Scott then plays Kavu Predator and Fiery Justice, killing Sower of Temptation. Alex then plays Damnation, clearing the board. Scott plays Kitchen Finks, going to nineteen. Scott activates Treetop Village and attacks with it and Kitchen Finks. Alex plays Cryptic Command, bouncing Treetop Village and drawing a card. He then plays Spellstutter Sprite, pumps it with Pendelhaven and blocks Kitchen Finks. Scott goes up to twenty-one.

At his end-of-turn step, Alex plays Scion of Oona. On his next turn, Alex attacks with Scion and pumps it with Pendelhaven, taking Scott to nineteen. He does this again the next turn, taking him to seventeen. Scott cycles Edge of Autumn on Flagstones of Trokair, plays Birds of Paradise, and passes the turn. Alex attacks with Scion of Oona and pumps it with Pendelhaven, taking Scott to fifteen. Scott plays a Kavu Predator, which Alex counters with Cryptic Command and draws a card to boot. Alex attacks with his Scion of Oona and Faerie Conclave as Scott drops to ten. Alex plays Mistblind Clique during Scott’s upkeep. In response, Scott floats mana and simply activates his Treetop Village. During Alex’s next turn, he attacks with Mistblind Clique and Faerie Conclave, taking Scott to five life. Scott draws a card and scoops them up.

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