Top 8 – Calosso Fuentes v. Brett Blackman

Top 8 – Calosso Fuentes v. Brett Blackman

Top 8 – Calosso Fuentes v. Brett Blackman

Both players keep their opening hands. Calosso leads with Thoughtseize, revealing Cryptic Command, Mistblind Clique, Spellstutter Sprite, Bitterblossom, Terror, and two lands… Taking the Bitterblossom. What a surprise!

Calosso then drops Wren’s Run Vanquisher, revealing Imperious Perfect.

Calosso plays Pendelhaven, destroying Brett’s own, and attacks, taking them to both to seventeen. Brett plays Bitterblossom and passes. Calosso attacks with Wren’s Run Vanquisher, taking Brett to 14 and then plays Tarmogoyf. Brett terrors the ‘Goyf soon afterward. Calosso attacks Brett down to nine and passes. Brett plays Mistblind Clique during Calosso’s upkeep, removing Bitterblossom. Calosso attacks with Wren’s Run Vanquisher, and Brett trades the Mistblind Clique for it. Brett suspends Ancestral Vision and attacks with two tokens. Brett then plays Spellstutter Sprite. Brent attacks with three tokens and Spellstutter Sprite, taking Calosso down to just four life. Brett then swings once more with the fliers to elicit the scoop.

Each player keeps their opening hand, and Calosso leads off with a Treetop Village. Calosso then plays a Llanowar Elf and Thoughtseizes Brett, revealing two Spellstutter Sprites, two Flashfreezes, Nameless Inversion, Scion of Oona, and a land. Calosso takes the Nameless Inversion. Brett plays Pendelhaven and passes. Calosso then plays Tarmogoyf, which is countered by Flashfreeze. Calosso plays Thoughtseize and pulls another Nameless Inversion. Calosso activates and attacks with Treetop Village, while Brett plays a Spellstutter Sprite at the end of Calosso’s turn, as well as a Scion of Oona.

Calosso then plays Squall Line, clearing Brett’s board. Calosso plays Profane Command for two, returning Tarmogoyf and putting Brett at fourteen.

Brett plays a Scion of Oona at end of turn, attacking with it and pumping it with Pendelhaven.

Calosso attacks with the 4/5 Tarmogoyf, taking Brett down to ten. Brett activates and attacks with Mutavault and Scion of Oona, putting Calosso at 4. Calosso evokes Cloudthresher at end of turn, and Brett pumps Scion of Oona with Pendelhaven for the save. Calosso attacks Brett with Tarmogoyf, dropping him to four. Brett activates two Mutavaults and attacks with both, as well as Scion of Oona.

Calosso then evokes Cloudthresher to put himself at zero.

Evan “misterorange” Erwin
Live from Richmond, VA